anticipating :'(

my heart is beating faster and faster...
it's like im breaking down.
like any moment now, my heart's gonna crack.

then, a tear ran down my cheeks, and i know that's about everything i could give.
it's the last tear i have.
i've cried out the rest LONG ago.
this is all, this is what's left of me.

and now, that history repeats itself.
it's time i bear silence.
i won't resort to crying and weeping.
it's time i hold on to that little faith i have left,----- and believe.
'coz in the end, i know, everything will be well.
'coz in the end, i also know, ------everything is according to GOD's HOLY WILL ! :'/
GOODLUCK and GOD BLESS everyone!
-tomorrow's judgment day. T___________T

(posted this on my FB notes last March 23, 2011 while waiting for my mockboard result.)

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