prayer of one who is frustrated

"in anything, for everything, thank you, O Lord!"

Dear Lord,
Humbly i come to you, trusting in your mercy and understanding.
I lay bare the disappointment and pain that fill me.

I did not receive what i expected.
I did not reach what i aimed for.
I did not get what i wanted.

Help me get over my frustration and strive to continue giving my best.
Raise me from the depths of despair;
grant me the strength to go on doing good.
Rid me of feelings of discouragement;
lead me to hope and prod me to work harder.

Lord, lift from me the veil of pride and arrogance that i may see clearly.
Though i may not always get the desired result, i must continue to do my best;
if ever i fall short of success, i must not look for scapegoats;
if something does not come up to my expectation, i must neither complain nor condemn.

In my darkest moments,
I shall not lose hope, O Lord, knowing that despite my failings
you see the good in me.
You overlook my defects, my failures, my mistakes.
You heal my weakness.
You ease my pain.
You forgive all my sins.

Thank you so much for being there.
Thank you so much for your faith in me.
Thank you so much for your trust.
You believe in me and take me as I am.

Because of what you did for me,
I will never be a complete failure.
You have given me dignity and worth.
Because you gave up your life for me,
You have made me a winner.

Thank you, O Lord, for everything.


(share ko lang tong prayer na to. i got this from a prayer book given to me on my 18th bday. :')

it was so helpful. THANK GOD ! )

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