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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Study in Australia now!

Study in AUSTRALIA now! King’s Institute of Management and Technology Holds Grand Orientation at The Royal Mandaya Hotel, Davao City, for FREE!

Overseas educational programs and employment opportunities are very much sought after here in the Philippines. In fact, most Filipinos would prefer overseas employment rather than locally based professions, for them to develop their career, potential, and to find work that offers better opportunities. Moreover, a diploma abroad would also raise one’s value in the professional world, not just here in the Philippines, but also anywhere in the world.

However, leaving the country to live in another is quite expensive, and this is the problem that discourages most Pinoys from venturing out of the country. If you are one of these Filipinos who wish to study and work abroad, worry no more because there are programs that will help you achieve your goals.

King’s Management and Technology (KIMT) is an Australia-based school that offers vocational courses on hospitality, business and marketing courses, as well as aged care.

So what does KIMT have to offer you?

(1) Career oriented and nationally accredited courses
a) Business and Management
b) Marketing
c) Hospitality and Commercial Cookery
d) Aged Care

These courses cover both theoretical background and practical design, and also comply with the requirements of nationally endorsed training packages. It also offers quality teaching and training, and excellent facilities.

2) Affordable investment

Of course, risks have to have its benefits. Choosing to study in KIMT is not only cost-saving as compared to other Australian schools, however, the living expenses are also less costly in Brisbane as compared to other Australian cities.

3) Excellent Public Transport

New in the country? You don’t have to worry about losing your way in Australia because KIMT is located at Brisbane, the Queensland capital, where it boasts of their excellent public transportation. It’s so convenient and it will help you reach your destination easily.

4) Perfect weather

Scrap the freezing weather image forming in your mind too! Brisbane has more sunny days all year round than any other city in Australia. It has a sub-tropical climate, and best of all, winters are rarely below 20 degrees Celsius, perfect for Filipinos who grew up in warm, tropical climates.

5) Travel Destinations

What’s more, KIMT is also close to some of Australia’s sought after travel destinations! On your free days you may visit Australia’s 11 World Heritage Sites, the famous Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast, Daintree rainforest, and so much more!

6) Feel at Home

Best of all, we will make sure you don’t get homesick at all. Filipinos always cherish relationship ties, and KIMT understands that. If you are hesitant in leaving home, worry no more because many programs in Australia exclusively cater for international students, which you will meet in the city’s grand orientation day.

KIMT indeed offers Filipinos the best opportunity to study abroad: opportunities, affordability, and convenience all at once!

Luckily, KIMT will hold an orientation this August 31, 2015, at the Royal Mandaya Hotel, from 1 pm to 5pm. The orientation will be for FREE, plus FREE consultations for admissions and the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) review. The IELTS is an English proficiency exam that is required in employment and immigration in English-speaking countries such as Australia.

So if you’re interested, hurry and reserve a slot for the orientation this August 31. Just send your name, email address, and course interest to this number: 0942 0888 702.

For example: Isabelle Mendez,, Business and Management.  

Note: All applicants must be aged 18 and above.

KIMT Study Hub is located at Door 1, ground floor of El Bajada Hotel, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City.

For more information, you may like their Facebook page at:
Or feel free to browse their website at:

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Skin RF Face Slimming

I remember when I used to be this thin, I did not have to shuffle through angles to have that perfect slim-looking selfie. But ever since I got, uhmmm, not-so-thin (it hurts to say the exact word lol), looking for the perfect angle seems to be the most important thing when taking a selfie.

My face is naturally cheeky, but as to date, it is cheeky, chubby and less angular.
Hello, round face. ��

It's a good thing my favorite face and skin center My Skin got something new to offer their clients who wants to have slimmer looking face. Finally, a solution to fats, sagging skin, cellulites and more!

My Skin now offers RF Slimming Treatments.
RF Treatment or Radio Frequency Treatment is a non-surgical procedure that aims to reshape our face and body. It utilizes a special device that emits RF waves in the form of heat.

This treatment is so promising that even after your first treatment, the results are already visible.
You may opt to have this treatment target your tummy, arms, thigh or other parts where you feel you needed it. But for my experience, I had the treatment target my face.

I first had my regular acne facial then right after, the RF Face slimming treatment.

Right after the treatment, I honestly did notice a difference. I felt my face skin tightened resulting to a firm and sculpted face. I was happy with the results and would love to have another session. :)

If you are interested, here are a few things you should know.

Before the treatment, you should not consume anything. No food and drinks an hour before the treatment.

After the treatment, do not expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. Do not wash your face 5 hours after the treatment. Also, do not drink cold water, yet. Lukewarm water will do.

Whether you have more inquiries or you want to schedule a booking, you may contact My Skin through this numbers landline # 321-2533 and mobile # 09236576466.

Or you could visit them at Door 2, #93 Jacinto Street, 8000 Davao City.
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party 2015

Last May 16, 2014, Davao Bloggers Society held its annual Acquaintance Party. This time, the event took place at White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge located at Camella Northpoint, JP Laurel, Davao City.

Despite being a yearly event, the DBS Acquaintance Party always have something special to offer its members.

One very special surprise was the announcement of the exclusive partnership of the Davao Bloggers Society and Smart Communications. Now, Smart will always be a part of our every activity, making the blogging community here in Davao bigger and stronger. Thank you, Smart! :)
The Exclusive Partnership of DBS and Smart.

One thing that we also, always, look forward to every year are the games, food and raffle prizes.
Here are a few photos taken during the event.

In this photo I was introducing the person seated in front of me. It was Romeo.

Hi Ate Ria.*wink*

Ate Sweet, two words?

English, Sheen?
We all felt more comfortable with each other after the games. However, our team felt prouder than the other teams. Why? BECAUSE WE WON THE GUESSING GAME. Hurrah for Team Competitive!
We won! We each got a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and free passes to Davao Crocodile Park.

Most Punctual Awardees.
Being early has its perks. Thank you, Krispy Kreme!

I won a gift certificate from NCCC. Thank you NCCC!

This guy was so lucky that night that he decided to share his luck with me.
He gave me the GlamourBox he won. Thank you, Ton and Glamourbox!

... It's been a while since I've last met these people, and since the Acquaintance Party gathered us back, I took the opportunity to pose with them for a photo.
Powerpuff Beshies: Ate Quimz and Ate Julz. ♥

with Shoti and Mark.

Pretty ladies. *wink*
All in all, the event was a success. Thanks to the efforts put up by our hardworking officers and  by our generous sponsors.

A big thank you to: (You can show some love by liking them on Facebook. Just click the links below.)

I take pride in being a member of this wonderful community. I've grown so much as a blogger and as a person ever since I entered DBS more than 2 years ago.

That is probably why I really enjoyed the Acquaintance Party because of the nostalgic feeling of remembering my first ever event. It was a life changing event because it led me to not only finding new friends but to finding a family, The DBS Family.

Thank you again DBS for this joyful memory!
I'm looking forward for more.~~~

In DBS, I did not find it hard to fit in. Just like family, the pieces automatically fit. ♥

All photos used above are not mine. Credits to Red Agreda of Alfredo Agreda Photography + Creatives for the wonderful photos. Follow him on Instagram @HaringPula .

Monday, June 1, 2015

Instax DIY Year2 DAVAO

A few weeks ago, the very first Instax DIY event happened here in Davao.

It took place in Robinsons, Abreeza Ayala Mall. The first thing I noticed was the event set which was so cute and artistic. It was also girly and very instagram-able. *wink*

They even have an Instax mascot during the event.

During the event, we were taught a few crafty tricks that we could try out using our instax films. We were taught to make the key chain of memories, the lamp shade lampstax, and more.

We also participated in a game where we were asked to make something crafty with the photos we took during the event. Our group, Davao Bloggers, made a cute hanger of instax photos. It was so fun that I forgot to take a picture of our work. 
Photo not mine. Courtesy of Ria Jose's instagram post which I was tagged in.

The opposing team also made an instax hanger and a cute tinker box using, of course, instax films. In the end, we tied with the other team and got ourselves a cute instax flash drive.

The Instax team also raffled a lot of surprises. Then, we  were given loot bags. yey!

PS: Instax Camera in photo is not included in the loot bag. hehe. It's mine. :)

All in all, the event was a success.

You may also check photos of the event by using the hashtags #instaxDIYYear2Davao and #teaminstaxph.

I had a lot of fun and I'm already looking forward for the next Instax event. Thank you, Team Instax! :)


Angel ♥

Monday, May 11, 2015

PERCH Modern Kitchen + Bar

My summer vacation this year came out late. Law school was surprisingly busy and had absolutely no regard for holidays nor vacations. Hence, when I finally had my summer break, I was itching to try on new things and/or maybe try eating at new restos here in my hometown.

Luckily, a new resto opened here in Davao.

Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar just opened last April 18, 2015. They are located at the second floor of the newly opened Felcris Centrale mall.

Their rates may not be that affordable for the ordinary Juan but you may find it reasonably fair once you try out the food.


We were able to try all the food they had in the menu, which is really A LOT OF FOOD. So I guess if I had to write every single dish with detail, I might get hungry, leave and, well, let this post keep you hanging.. That would be tragic. lol.  So I decided to just choose among the best ones. Although I liked everything in the menu, I had a few top picks. (I apologize for the not-so-decent photos.)

For the starters, my favorite is the Panko Crusted Oyster Sisig. I also liked the El Diablo Fries, the Spicy Fingers and the Bacon Chips. Between the salted and candied bacon chips, I liked the latter better.

Panko Crusted Oyster Sisig

Candied Bacon Chips

For the Pizza section, my favorite is the Kaldereta Pizza. I also liked the Keema & Arugula Pizza.
Kaldereta Pizza
The following are also my favorites. Some I already forgot the name. :)

Grilled Salmon & Cheese Risotto

No, this is not a dessert. hehe. This is the Choriburger. :)

I forgot but I think this was the Whiskey Barbeque Chops.

Angus Basic Meatball Pasta

Osso Buco

Smoked Bacon Carbonara

Perch Rising Sun Angus Burger Steak

Angus Cheeseburger Pao

Stuffed Chicken Leg Quarter.
I know this looks funny but its actually really yummy. ;)

I really want to share to you more about the food at Perch, but I guess reading this is not as good as trying out the real thing. So I'm going to stop now and let you drool over the food, then I'll let you decide if you want to leave now, get a cab and dine at Perch.

Good thing Perch closes at 2am so you can still catch up on the last order, if you're reading this late at night. You might also want to match your meal with a few bottle of beers and enjoy it with a couple of your friends.

And if you have to ask, would I recommend Perch? Yes. I've said enough to let you all know I enjoyed the dishes. #foodgasm #foodporn

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, and I hope it was helpful.
Let me know what you think and don't hesitate to share how was your Perch experience.

'Coz mine was amazing! :)

Perch Facebook Page:

~Angel :)