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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Of Haircuts and Hugots: Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis

For those of you who do not know Jing Monis, well, he is like the star of hairstylists. After all, he is the stylist of famous stars we idolize, right?

Jing Monis is known to have styled famous personalities such as Anne Curtis, Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Baretto, Erich Gonzales and many more.
For non-celebrities like us, the closest we could get to being touched by Jing's magical hands is to avail the services of his well-renowned salons.

Lucky for us Davaoenas, Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis is only a drive-away.
Hair Philosophie is located at the 2nd Floor of Abreeza-Ayala Corporate Center, along JP Laurel street.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to have the 'feels' of what it's like to experience Jing's magic.
Although I don't really need a haircut that time, a new hair color or any treatment, I really felt I wanted to.

IMPULSIVE. I know, right?
Partly I blame the stuff I was going through that time: a heartbreak and a bad day at Law school. Sounds pretty cliche but really I wanted to look different to feel different.

I don't know if they do this regularly but they served snacks and tea. Yaaay, perfect!

So I came in the salon that fateful day and checked in with the counter my salon appointment. I was booked for 1pm.

I was introduced to my stylist Rich Lee Chua (IG: @richleechua) by the front desk lady.
Now, Rich here is very easy to work with.
He asked me what I wanted. I said in the exact words, 'I want something different.'

In my mind, I don't want to be that plain Jane but I also don't want to be that edgy Madonna. But that time, I couldn't really tell the difference. (If you wanted me to be decisive, that time could be the wrong-est time ever. Gulo gulo lang din buhay ko, no?lol)

SO... In other words, I walked into the salon not knowing what I wanted. I WANTED A MIRACLE, that must be it.

Like a fairy godmother sent to me that day, Rich knew exactly what he wants to do with me.

He told me he's going to cut my hair a few inches, and that he's going to add color to my hair.
I was a little, uhmmm, worried when he said he's going to cut it inches more. 
I've always been the long/mid-length hair kind of girl, so those words were not at all that comforting.
Plus, he said he's going to color my hair with light beige with a touch of RED. Yes, he said RED.  I got more worried because red was never really in my list of ideal hair color. Run, girl.

I was about to panic and leave the salon.
I thought, 'Gel, masyado kang impulsive. Baka di mo naman kaya panindigan. Pagsisihan mo pa. Wag na. May pinagdadaanan ka lang.'

But then, Rich reassured me. 'Girl, you'll love it. It's going to be different, and you'll love it. TRUST ME.'

How can I trust you? I barely know you; you barely know me. How could you expect me to put my heart, este, hair in your hands when you don't even know my favorite food or color? HAHAHA! :)

But like I said, that time I was so lost.
So, I trusted blindly. After all, it's not the first time that I trusted someone BLINDLY.
So, why not?

'TRUST him, he's not going to disappoint you. He has a good reputation and a good heart,' I said. Like I always say when I see goodness in people.
I don't really know if this is a good thing, you know, yung being so trusting and unsuspecting.
But, oh well. Here goes.

So I sat in the salon chair and held on to dear life. Lord, please tell me this a good decision. HAHAHA!

I sat for 2-3 hours as Rich and his assistant worked their way to achieve that 'different' look.
After the cut and color, Rich said he's going to do a Macadamia treatment on my hair. So, I stayed there for another 30 minutes to an hour.

Then came the finishing touches.

After everything was done, I. WAS. IMPRESSED.

Perhaps this is the only impulsive decision I have made during those lost times that is not at-all REGRETTING.

I mean, buti pa sa haircut ko di ako nabokya.
Impulsive nga, worth it naman. Yung iba ko decisions? Worth it, ba? awww. HAHAHA

But anyway, 
I loved my hair.

I looked so good, so pretty and so different.
AND yes, I felt good.
I was so satisfied.

Alam niyo yung sabi na 'To feel good, you have to look good', yes?Ganun na ganun ang feeling ko after, teh.

The cut was fine. It made me look edgy, and not at all fat.
The color was to die for. I loved it. I did not expect that the color was not really loud as a I feared it to be. It was just the right shade. It was a soft red on a beige/brown accentuated hair. It's a first, for me, to try on this color. It's beautiful.

Finally, the Macadamia treatment was amazing. It made my hair feel so alive and bouncy. I don't know what sorcery they did but, really, its going to make you want it more.

Buti pa sa salon, gugustuhin mong ulit ulitin ang pagiging impulsive. Unlike falling for wrong people, the salon won't make you regret your decisions.

Rich curled my hair just so I'd feel extra special. :)

Hair Philosophie is indeed a safe-haven for me. No worries, no regrets.

Shoutout to my awesome hairstylist, Rich Lee Chua.
You can book him for your hair fantasies.
I swear, he's going to work his magic on you like a pro.
Just ask for him at the front desk, or reach him through these numbers for bookings.
Mobile 0917 329 1981 / 0998 859 3688 or landline (082) 296 4465.

I also bumped into Mommy Van of who also had her hair done at Hair Philosophie.

To know more about the salons rates and services, you can call them or check the photo below.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


I know this person who always tried to live up to everybody's expectations: her parents', siblings', friends', enemies' and even her own expectations.
Like a Maserati car, she was adored and envied for self control and unbelievable standards.

The Maserati (Angel, 2016)
I think everyone saw her to have set her own rules, standards and pace which no one ever questioned. (She liked not being questioned. She was in control. Or so she thought she was.)

Everything was going well for her... Like driving alone in a newly-made concrete road, it was easy; smooth to say the least.

But despite everything being so perfect, she lost control.. Rather, she let herself lose control.
She realized she wanted to.
Like in driving, she liked the adrenaline that came with the 200mph drive without thinking and no hitting the breaks.

'DON'T THINK, JUST DRIVE', she said.

Only to realize sooner that she can't handle it.

She's a Maserati car who liked the 60kph speed.
So she stepped on the breaks, and abandoned that reckless daydream of speeding away.


Relieved, she was. But it's a little late though. The precious Maserati got scarred. Not substantially, but still scarred.

Although a lot still looked up to her the same way,SHE NEVER LOOKED AT HERSELF SIMILARLY EVER AGAIN.

There's no bigger disappointment than the disappointment you get from yourself.

She had so high expectations of herself that a little scar made her act like a complete wreck.She wanted to be perfect again. She did not disappoint anyone, not that she know of. But she definitely disappointed herself.

So I told this beautiful, sad and disappointed Maserati, 'Forgive yourself.'
And so she did.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

When in Cebu

I'm a Dabawenya. I was born and raised in the Land of Promise---DAVAO. But I can never deny my origin being a CEBUANA. My family originates from Cebu. Hence, I always consider Cebu my second home.

I have been in my second home for numerous times, and every visit is memorable. Not just because my family is there, but also because there ARE really a lot of things/places in Cebu that are worth remembering.

So, as I reminisce my moments in Cebu, I compiled a list of the places and/activities one must try or check out when in Cebu.

1. Swim with the Whale Sharks in Oslob, Cebu 

Whale Shark watching are open only from 6AM- 12NN, so if you plan to swim with the whale sharks you better wake up early. Since Oslob is a long way from the city proper, you can opt to sleep the night before at one of the resorts around the area.

2. Attend mass at Simala Church

3. Swimming at Kawasan Falls

 I heard that canyoneering is the must-try activity around this area. I have yet to try that one.
It was unfortunate that we were time-constraint when we went to Kawasan. We did not have the whole day to do 'canyoneering'. However, I still look forward to the day I get to try that. :) Nonetheless, it was fun. The place was really cool, and the coral blue water is amazing. It reminds me of the waters at Hinatuan, Surigao. :)

4. Fort San Pedro

5. Magpa-'Sinulog' at Magellan's Cross

6. Try the 4D, Skywalk and Edge Coaster at Crown Regency

7. Lapu-Lapu Shrine and go souvenir shopping

8. Check out Alegre Guitars

9. Spend a day swimming, rock climbing, and more at Plantation Bay. It's totally worth it.

10.  Visit the Taoist Temple

11. Visit Samboan Park.

     If I recall correctly, there was an old church in this park. Then, there was a site here where there were stories that they digged up a miraculous statue of Jesus. The place was basically HOLY. I don't know if the place is still the same, but I believe it's still worth visiting. I haven't been there since 2010. But if you decide to visit this, just prepare yourself for another long drive. :)

There are still a lot of places to discover in Cebu, especially now that more tourists are visiting the area. That is why I always take pride in claiming Cebu as my second home because of its many surprises. I still look forward to more visits though. I never get tired of going back to Cebu.

When I do get back, I'll update this blog.
For the mean time, I'd appreciate it if you leave in the comments section your suggestions of the places I still have to go to AND/OR adventures I still need to try out.

I'm positive I'm going back to my beloved Cebu City in the near future. Hence, I'd appreciate it if you help me out with my itinerary or list of activites. Thank you. :)

PS. The  photos above were taken on many different occasions. Some photos were as recent as 2015, and some were as old as 2010. I suggest you do further research when you use my blog for your planned trip. Lovelots. *wink*

~Angel ♥