About ANGEL...

I am Angelica Deiparine, 23 years old, and hails from Davao City.

I am an alumnus of the University of Immaculate Conception. At present, I'm a full-time law student of the Ateneo de Davao University-College of Law.

I am a self-proclaimed wonderer and wanderer, a life-loving being and a peace-loving soul. I seek adventure and beautiful things.

I love makeup and nice clothes as much as I love spontaneous trips and food

I like to share experiences and new things.

I speak my mind and, most importantly, I speak my heart. I value honesty and sincerity. I forgive but I never forget. I am an emotional being.

 I like holding on to things and to memories whether good or bad. I hold on to people.
I keep, and yes, I AM A KEEPER.

About Keepsakes...

Keepsakes is a 7-year old blog who held witness to the owner's late-night musings and random life/love rants.

As years passed by, this blog has evolved to contain more socially-relevant contents, with articles about new adventures, food, and things.

Keepsakes is currently affiliated with the Davao Bloggers Society; and the owner/writer is currently an officer of said organization with the position of Special Projects Director. That being said, expect more random, interesting, crazy and fun posts from this blog.

For collaborations, product reviews and sponsorship, send ANGEL an email at gelskie31@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: Excuse random rants you may find in this blog. The owner intends to continue making this blog her personal solace.
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