Products harmful to users as declared by FDA | Leisure 18 slimming coffee included.

This afternoon, i watched "Failon Ngayon" on ABS-CBN. Failon Ngayon is a late afternoon tv show that exposes flaws and issues in the society, which i find really interesting.

Anyways, this afternoon's episode is about restricted, unregistered and harmful slimming, whitening and  sexually motivating products that are sold freely in the market. It showed the many products that are effective but harmful to users. Apparently, those products were also restricted by FDA.

I got concerned; not only because i'm once a user of a particular slimming product but also i have some friends who still use the slimming product i was using.

Hence, i immediately googled that particular product i was using. i keyed in the google search bar "LEISURE 18 slimming coffee" -- the brand of the slimming product i was referring to.

One of my classmates introduced the product to me around September 2011 when i had the very urge to slim. That classmate thinned down a lot and shared to me her secret, which i was very convinced because she is the living proof of the efficacy of that product. i also asked if there were any side effects that she felt. she said there were, but it's nothing serious--just the usual thirst and a little palpitation. i also made researches and have read some great reviews. To cut the story short, i got convinced and tried the product.

Indeed, the product was effective. i lost a lot of weight within just 18 days. i even bought an additional box after i finished the first box, until i reached the 3rd box which i eventually stopped because i felt i lost my taste for food. The coffee made my taste buds bitter, and i can no longer stand the great thirst. the palpitations were fine; but i was also experiencing insomnia and dry lips which i wasn't really happy about. at first i didn't mind the side effects because i was really overwhelmed by the results; even my friends noticed my weight loss. but later on, i decided to stop using it.

Anyways, back to what i googled on. i found this:

this link is about Leisure 18 being restricted in the US because it contains undeclared drug ingredient.
Totally uneasy about what i found out, i made further research about restrictions declared by the Food & Drug Administration - Philippines.

and i found this:

Now, i am totally convinced of how harmful the product really is. Unfortunately, the product is included in the list of products that is imminently injurious, unsafe or dangerous and is ordered to be recalled, banned and seized from public sale or distribution.

As Ted Failon said on his show, this products can cause complications and even lung cancer. o_O

I can't believe i left this facts out when i made my research of the product last year. it's a good thing i watched Failon Ngayon and found those links. I hope this article could help others realize the danger of those slimming products.

This proves that the short way is not really the best and safest way. The healthy and RIGHT WAY, as a matter of fact, (even in a diet) is always the shortest way! :)

pls pass and share this. You can save a life!

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