cool down | YOGO

first day of enrollment and a very busy day...

it was a very sunny Monday morning. students from my university are all hipped to have their subjects enrolled for this semester, and of course thrilled to see old friends again.

i went to school that Monday to collect some fees for our club. i'm the treasurer of the club, hence i have to be there to manage all the collections. But, the president ended up collecting the fees that day, though. it was because i arrived late and was too busy running some errands.

I DID A LOT OF WALKING that day. i had my companion with me, Allen. we went to lots of offices and did a lot of talking; and mind you, when i said we did a lot of walking-- hell yes, WE DID. sadly, i did it in heels and Allen did it on sneakers. :(

Anyways, at the end of the day we never really got enrolled because we still lack a requirement---that certificate from the office where we had our OJT. We have to come back the next day with our certificate to be enrolled. So, as stressful as it is, we had to look for a place to cool down.

 We dropped by the mall and had a cup of refreshment from YOGO, located 4th floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao near the food court and the cinema.

We had...

tarty mango and tangy raspberry. *nomnomnom*

i had the tarty mango. i'd say it's quite refreshing and very tasty. i loved it. it even made me want more. :))

allen had the tarty raspberry; and as she said (agreeing with me).. it tastes great, as well. :)

i don't know, but i guess yogo is like the sister company of coffee cat. haha.. xD

The ambiance of the store is cool, neat and comfy; but what caught me most is their cute, unique and quirky clock. :DD

i'm definitely going back to this place---probably to cool down, relax and have another drink of those smoothies, etc. :))

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