forever alone lunches | Pizza Hut ; Chowking

i have friends and i don't see them often this summer. i go run some errands and then gallivant solo. hence, eating lunches alone isn't really a new thing. and yes, it's not really a struggle for me. :)

i ate two straight days of forever alone lunches, and maaahn, i really think i should look for a lunch date to share some thoughts and those sumptuous dishes. ho ho ho.

anyways, i lived! i lived eating alone those lunch dates with myself.

@ Pizza Hut - SM , i ordered

yummmm.. Pizza Hut's Ceasar's Salad is my favorite. i enjoyed it. after eating the salad, i already felt full and barely finished the baked carbonara which is of average taste. their iced tea here tastes great just like that of Shakey's. nom nom nom.

this meal is only worth P99; and i say, by the words of Ms. Shamcey Supsup, "i believe every Filipino deserves this. thank you." LOOOOOL :)

@ Chowking- Bolton

i ordered their overly advertised Crispy Fried Chicken. overrated, yes; but i agree, it's really crispy. although it's not as juicy as i want the chicken to be,it was still a great buy. it tasted good. :)

       Anyways, if there's one thing i've learned from this lunches alone, it is to always be confident and always try to understand yourself better because the world may turn their back on you, but you can never turn your back on yourself. understand your life, live it, love it.. aside from families and real friends, you only have yourself to depend on. :)

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