Thank you 2016. Bring it on 2017!

When 2015 left, and 2016 happened my basic mantra was to #TakeRisks #LiveBoldly .

It was a good mantra to follow.
With that, I started out the year fine. It was fun. Lots of parties, adventure, and spontaneous road trips. In other aspects, I was more outspoken, aggressive, brave and positive. I feared less, and let go of 'what ifs' more. But not everything went quite well.

2016 was also a very challenging year for me.
For a large part of it, I had lots of painful and really sad experiences.
I lost two of my favorite aunts who is now with the Lord. One of them left in May and the other in November. (We missed you so much Aunt Betty and Aunt Remy.)
I also had experienced failure and defeat, and even went to a rough heart break. It was a rough year. For those who were there to witness it, I know you understand.

Looking back I really don't know how I got pass through it. It was difficult. Even academically speaking, I was struggling. Emotionally, I was striving to pull it all together.

But despite all that, 2016 was my year of DISCOVERY.
I discovered that I was strong, brave, and capable of hurdling giant obstacles. I discovered  that I wasn't weak, and that I was even smarter than I thought I was. I discovered I had family and friends to lean on---family and friends who did not leave me even if I was unbearable at the moment.

Yes, in 2016, I was awakened by harsh realities----that not everyone we meet are worth the time, and worth the sincerity we give them.
That not everything we want will happen. That not everything we aim for will be ours.

I learned it the hard way. I've even made LOTS OF MISTAKES along the way trying to fix them. But I realized, NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE FIXED.

2016 was harshly memorable.
To top it all off, I even spent my 23rd birthday alone in the boarding house preparing for an exam.

It was hard, but still, it was rewarding.
Rewarding in the sense that what I am today is my trophy dedicated to myself.
I became a whole new person. Someone more real, and wiser. Someone who appreciates beauty more after seeing all the bad things. Cliche as it may sound, 2016 molded me to become better.

Now you may think 2016 was a sad year for me.
It was difficult, yes. But sad? NO.

As a matter of fact, it was still amazing. It was a mixture of everything. It just went by so fast.
2016 could even make up to my list of favorite years. It was really something!

To be fair, I had wonderful memories.

1. 2016 was the year my youngest sister turned 18.
At Grand Menseng Hotel.

2. Mom and Dad's Get-Away (from us) Trip
HongKong -Macau Trip

3. I hosted and performed during the Conflicts of Law 2016

4. I had my first SUMMERFROLIC experience in Mati. Read here.


5. I experienced being a Paralegal Officer at Kiblawan during the May 9, 2016 elections. We were paid well that day. HAHAHA!

6. Finally resumed applying for the SSEAYP program. Unfortunately, I wasn't chosen. But it was fine. I was glad I reconnected with old friends and gained new ones. I hope I can apply again this year, and finally, be chosen.

7. For a LAW student, travelling is a rare opportunity. But thank God, I did. I got to travel for a short vacay to Bucas Grande, Sohoton, Surigao del Norte, and visit Banana Beach, Hijo, Tagum.

Banana Beach Resorts.


Sohoton Cove.

Jelly fish sanctuary.

8. Of course, #TTTProjectGiveBack2016 and #ExploreCateel Annual Year-End Experience. I'll write about it soon. But here are a few pictures.

Hello again, Aliwagwag Falls!

At Baybay Cream Sand Long Beach.

with old and new friends.

You see, 2016 was a very colorful year. I was so glad I witnessed and experienced it all. That I actually participated in life. It just shows that I wasn't just alive, but I was actually living, too.

Reviewing all that has happened, I have come up with a new mantra for 2017.

This 2017 will be my year!
I will move on from bad experiences and focus on making new happy ones! I will move on from heartaches, things and people who are not healthy to me and my life, and MOVE FORWARD. I will strive hard to excel and be better. I will let go of people who hurt me and focus on those who care for me.

I will focus on great things and will aim for bigger things. I will use all those that I have learned in 2016 to make 2017 an even better year.

More importantly, I will LET GO, AND LET GOD. This year, I will also focus on rekindling my faith and connection with God. This thought alone gives me strength that whatever 2017 has in store for me, I will be strong enough to face it.

This is me---ready for 2017. Looking forward to a better year! Always positive.

So, 2017, bring it on! *love love love*

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