my 18th bday review :*

i woke up on the 15th of march, 2011 with nothing too special to expect. i went to the church hoping i could catch up with the mass, which i failed to attend since im sooooo late, then lit a candle and prayed to God for His blessings for the past 17yrs of my life. i also bowed my head hoping my wishes be granted if i just prayed hard enough.

when i got back home from the church, i turned on the pc opened my fb. i also reached for my phone and checked out what news my phone has to bring. instead of being annoyed by the  massive number of notifications, text messages and missed calls, i was filled with happiness. i was overwhelmed with the simple messages sent to me by friends, loved ones, colleagues. its such an overwhelming thought knowing you're being remembered by people. the feeling got more intense when my family showed me and gave me their warmest greetings. in the earliest time of day, even before the sun has set, i already have concluded THIS WILL BE A GREAT DAY. THIS WILL BE ONE OF THOSE UNFORGETTABLE DAYS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

indeed, it was one of the BEST UNFORGETTABLE DAYS.
evening came and the highlight of the celebration drew closer.
the setting never really calmed my nerves. it didn't alleviate the anxiousness i felt associated with what might occur this evening.

even if part of me was REALLY excited, the celebration turned out to start pretty late (as if everything i plan to do is on time, right?HAHA. why am i always late?). i was getting worried about visitors becoming impatient. thus, i was getting uneasy and much more to say RESTLESS. so, instead of starting the night with the 18 candles, i opt to start it with the dinner first then candles, and so forth.

after dinner, i was relieved to see my friends arrive right on time to catch up with the candles, etc.
i was very relieved seeing the sight of their beautiful faces appealing so spurred with was about to happen that evening.
i was again overwhelmed feeling the effort they have exerted just to celebrate that VERY SPECIAL DAY with me. Despite the distance, they came. THANK YOU, GUYS. (you know who you are).

i was also overwhelmed to see my old treasures gathered again. they are the people who knew the real me but never left. they stayed and was willing to stay. There's no other feeling that can be compared to the knowledge that they are there to celebrate with you which symbolizes they are still willing to be part of my 18th year. THANKS FOR NOT FORGETTING, GUYS. (you know who you are.)

i also finally understood the unconditional love and care the people that means the most have for me. Most especially, the love given to me by my parents, family, barkadas and friends.

through my bday, i was reunited with my BestFriends (TRIO), our kapatiran (JOE-FER-REYN-GEL), my newest group of friends (SiiXY), my old foster family (SP class), my latest foster family (BSA2), and the rest of my friends and colleagues. it feels so good to be back in each others company.

Most of all, that night i felt soooo free to be who i am  with out holding any secrets back. i guess its a step to becoming more bonded with the persons i treasure most. as quoted, "the secret of a successful relationship is having no secrets at all" and this applies to all types of relationships. bulgaran man kagabi, at least, i wont be guilty any longer. as long as i know im not doing anything bad or anything that's beyond what is demanded, im guilt-free. :DD

Before everything ended, i was already filled with little nuggets of wisdom. The nostalgia lasted longer than i expected.
It came into me that i never wanted this night to end, so, the gathering went on till morning. as a matter of fact, our LOUD laughs, LONG singing and LITTLE conversations went on till dawn. you might even consider it before the breaking of dawn. haha. actually, it was around 5am when we decided to surrender ourselves to the pillows. LOL

and i thought the pillows was the last stop.
when we woke up, we gathered around the dining table had coffee, milk, bread and had breakfast. afterward, the loud sound of the videoke echoed thru the whole neighborhood. it was as FUN as we had the night before. Until my friends left the vicinity, the fun we had still lingers.

Ergo, life really has its way in setting things into place. It gives us moments to be depressed but then takes it back by giving us unexpected moments to REJOICE 10 times better than we expected. Most of all, these happiness tends to be in the simplest forms like family, friends, loved ones, etc. AND did i tell you that these happiness are free? what more could you ask for? i know, i already have everything i wanted and needed. It might be too early to conclude that but as for now, i wont hold back appreciating every single blessing i have in life.

PS. to the persons who were there and celebrated with me, THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I LOVE YOU, GUYS.


(posted on my FB notes last March 16, 2011)

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