from my FB: to all nosey-folks out there! piece this up!

waaa. i just read your criticisms and sarcasms.
im quite late to have read it now, eh? ahaha..
too bad for you, my confidence just got boosted, instead!

you commented on how good i look in photos (as if it wasn't a compliment). you're so NEGA!

even though you put it that way, well, i should tell you that my uniqueness, attitudes and Filipina beauty (including a not-so-fair-skin and filipina traits--not going with cliches) gives quite a remarkable touch-up to your first judgment. and that's were you should focus at. not on appearances. attitudes darling!

anyways, back to what you put up with.
at least, my photos aren't edited. not even one of them has been touched by any form of photoshop. ahaha.. its not with the angles, or light-settings.
admit it, i just look good no matter how you put it.

yea, you look good too. i cant deny. and your slender,.but i will never envy you---not with that attitude.
you're not good enough to be entertained,.(this is my 1st time to brag about my looks and attitudes-- guilty, but she pushed me to the limits. i have been quiet for a while because im a nice girl, but still, she went on with her *point-out to somebody status*..wait till she sees my OTHER side.)

REMEMBER: Before you put up with rush judgments, you should try to remember the quote " there is more than meets the eye!"
i have never judged you with anything that isn't obvious.

and FYI. just because someone admires your BF doesn't mean she's going to do anything just to get your BF! c'mmon, we have a life, too, you know, and that doesn't include your boyfriend.

okay, to clear things out.
first, you should be proud of yourself to have a BF which lots of girls drool over and fantasized about even if that would be too juvenile. but still you should be proud,.
second, trusting your bf is more important than keeping him from socializing.
third, about what you intend to make me understand but you actually failed to, communication is still the key to could have chatted with me over FB (since you usually caught me online) instead of wasting your time posting RIDICULOUS STATUS! dont you know that other people might actually judge you for that? doesn't it matter to you that your identity might be stained. that people might judge you negatively regarding of being such of a clingy girl friend? what you're doing is close to getting caught in a SCANDAL. seeesh, do people still care for character and identity?gaaah. im glad i still do.
fourth, you dont have to include your friends. i understand how friends help friends, but involving them in things that might cause their chance in going to heaven (ahahaha), is just playing rude, you know!! SELFISH actually!
LASTLY, i am not flirting with your boyfriend. i wasn't, im not, and i would never intend to! it doesn't mean that my clear and innocent admiration to him is soo-known that i would actually go straight at him, kiss him or maybe seduce him. i could never do that. i still have a NAME and DIGNITY to protect. waaaa. besides. the picture you saw was nothing. it was just a 16yr-old girl pushed to having a pic with a friend.. i could barely even call him a friend. gaaah. open your eyes already! wla akong ginawa. wla kang napatunayan! so, wla kang dapat i judge! jealousy is jealousy. that's it! im out of the picture.

if nahihirapan ka pa rin sa pag intindi, then there's definitely something wrong with you.

stop na ung mga status, ok?, its irritating. i know, di lng sa akin lahat ng status mo kasi dami kang kaaway, but pls. for everybody's sake. STOP! dont be a coward. go and tell me,or tell them! this applies in behalf of all your "kaaways"...

ok, para mas masaya ka, di lng yang boyfriend mo ang hinahangaan ko. it just so happened that he was the closest one to reach. pero hanggang dun lng.. d ako bobo.
im wiser than a hermit, actually.di nga smarter, but wiser.

yan tuloy.ii forgot to remind myself, IM AN "ANGEL", just like what my name suggests.i wont risk any chance of giving that name up just because someone's insecured. i'll let you pass this time. put up another fight with me and you'll see how "ANGELS" handles situations like this.

GOD BLESS you, ____! :))

send my regards to your boyfriend.

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