What a tiring day.. T_T

so, vanessa's debut was celebrated with us (SP family) today, October 25, 09.

we had the celebration at Mergrande Ocean Beach Resort @ CABIN 661.

whew.. the sun was hot and the SPs were getting hotter! waaaaaaa.

yea, 'twas funny though. we barely remembered that some of us were conservative.
oh yea, and the conservatives weren't really innocent, you know. haha
they became a bit audacious.

waaa.. and i forgot to mention, i WAS one of the few too conservatives before. i still am, but now i have adjusted to cliché and stuff.

haha. i wore a bit daring beach wear.waaa..

this is a long halter top matched with a short shorts.waaa..  yea twas short. naks. haha..

it was not just me who wore such a wardrobe, but so as my SP family. we nearly weren't putting boundaries between boys and girls. its almost like we didn't care if they were staring at us. hhaha.. yung iba nga, kitang kita na ang bra. haha. what do you expect, were in a beach! haha.. drabeeh.
and we, SP, consider ourselves a FAMILY. no malice! waaaa..

so, we were like the sexy hot beach fashionistas! hahaha..
that's SP! haha..

anyway, it took a long time before they finished cooking lunch. the boys did the cooking. waaaa..
after lunch, we strolled around and let our vanity rule! waaa..

we took pictures. and i did not just mean pictures, but PICTURESssssss..haha..
yea, many. pluralize the plural. waaaa..

after vanity, we went back to the cabin.

alcoholic drinks are always in the picture of every get-together. and this get-together is no exemption. waaaa..

two of my friends bought a bottle of tequilla (of course, they brought salt and lemon).. imagine mo kaya kung walang salt and lemon ang tequilla. haha..
anyway, that's when things got a bit bad. haha..

my bestfriend and i took only two shots, just to show respect and then we left to go swimming and ,of course, to avoid the temptation of drinking.

we took some time at the beach and then the others accompanied us.

when we got back to CABIN 661, i was surprised to see drunken people.
our cabin is now kind of an uncomfortable place to be at.
some are already sleeping in the bed, some already cried (they are getting too emotional because of the effects of alcohol), some were becoming noisy saying nonsense stuffs, and one getting a major heartache seeing her ex-girlfriend being drunken and all that.

i approached him and talked to him, trying to make him feel better and maybe easing the pain. but as i did, i only felt his pain. awwww.. poor baby. i wish i could do something. but i thought the best thing i could do was listen. so i listened and told him words of enlightenment. waaaa..

ooh, so we decided to go home ahead of the others.
but we left with no  furies and the like.

i dont know if it was a bad day or a great day, though.
but i think partly i enjoyed it, partly i did not.

anyway, it wouldn't matter so much about what i wasn't my celebration after all.  but still, i think what i think sinks in somewhere in my thoughts and matters a lot (especially the heartache part.LOL).

mommie van, i still wish you a happy 18th birthday. i love you.! =] 

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