the return :))

i had a wonderful evening. wheeew..

so, we fetched our mom at the airport. she just arrived after a week of their business trip out of town.
i am so happy to finally see her again. i missed you mom.

after fetching her at the airport, we decided to go and take our dinner at Dencio's Hilltop, my most favorite spot here in Davao.

i am so happy to be there again. i feel so nostalgic and so serene whenever im there. its such a wonderful place to be. again, i caught sight of one of Davao's hidden beauties.

the city lights are so wonderful to look at. it brings so much joy into my heart. it seems like all my emotions wants burst out and be poured out in to the open. i want to savor every moment spent there. i love how the wind brush my face and my hair during my stay there.

i dont know, but i feel that part of me belongs there.. waaaaaa..
not really there (place) but there at the view. i always remember sweet stuffs, happy, lonely, every memory i want and need to be remembered. its a place wherein i want to emote with no concerns. waaaa..--cheesy.

but what's best about going there?

well, i guess, its the people im with and the conversations i have with them. it brings us much closer to each other. just like what happened this evening. the dinner was yummy, and satisfying to the stomach. but it didn't matter much because what mattered the most is our family conversation. we joked about stuffs, took pictures, until mom said that this place would be nice for a date or a even just for a stroll (haha--just what i thought for a long time already.) then, dad added, "yea, it would be nice to have a date here. but im hoping if you, children, would go out here and hang around with someone, i hope you wont mind bringing us along with you and your dates.",then we all laughed.

my sisters didn't mind about what mom and dad said, but as for me its a pretty remarkable thought. i was surprised and in awe. its nice to know that they are now adopting to my age. haha.. i mean, they, not being too strict and stuff. LOL

but wait, they also said. "but dont plan to have relationships  at a very young age. it would be better if you finish your studies first. but if you really feel you're soooooo in-love already. you can tell us, instead of hiding it. maybe we would make an exemption in some cases. you know, you can open to us anything. think of us like a barkada.."  waaaa, did my parents just said that? pretty striking, huh?!! im again dumbfounded! LOL.. and also overwhelmed! YES! hahahah..

at first, i thought my parents were just getting cheesy and stuff but later on i notice they really mean what they joked a while ago. nyaaiikkzzz...

my parents took a pretty ironic tactic, though. they generalized it to us (with my 2 sisters) but i really feel that they are more likely wanting to tell it to me alone rather than to me with them. maybe, they are adopting to the idea that im already in college and im getting closer to the age of maturity. and they know, sooner or later, i'll be deeply involve with someone and they dont want me to be led astrayed. lol.. nice move mom and dad.

i realize, my parents aren't getting any younger, maybe i should be more in touch with them, too. i thought, that if i plan to go out with somebody someday, imma let them ask my parents and i will tell my parents how i feel and maybe let them understand me. someday. hahaha..

what a very nice conversation. then we ended our meals after talking about more stuffs and then took a last glare at the open and headed on to the car to go directly home.

its another wonderful evening at the hilltop, watching the city lights at a distant view. i so love it there. i wish i could go there more often. i guess my heart and my mind really partly belongs to DAVAO and its lights.

that's all for this evening. goodnight fellas!

ANGEL here.
Nostalgia tonight at a bird's eye view. O_o

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