"Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional."
----> happy bday mommie. i wish for more life in your years, rather than years in your life.. ^_^ 

waaaa..this blog is dedicated to a very a dear friend.
obviously, her name is VANESSA. i call her "mommie".

why? well. because she was always like a mom to me aside from the fact that she is older than me. lol ( PEACE >:) )

i dont like to act cheesy around her, though. but in this case, i dont mind making an exemption.

since its a very special day for her, i would like to say something special.
something she doesn't always hear from others. something that will always make her feel proud of herself. she deserves it.

Let's start! haha.


-very strong: kung alam niyo lang ang mga napagdaanan ng babaeng ito, im pretty sure patay na kau ngaun due to suicide or kundi baliw na kau due to emotional breakdown. LOL. talaga naman  kasing sobrang hirap ng mga naging problems niya, but still she beared with it. look at her now, strong and mukhang wlang topak. LOL
-very loving: full affection, easy to love. so sweet.
-very caring and thoughtful: just like a mom. ^_^
-very patient and understanding: kahit anong sitwasyon, maiinda niya yan.
-very loyal and true: sa lovelife, sa friends. sus, vanessa, number 1 sa listahan sa pagiging loyal.
-very faithful ka GOD: yea, i know she gets her strength from HIM.

-very talented: singer, writer, photographer, yadda, yadda. she's all it!

-very smart: and sun cellular. jowk! haha. yea, she's pretty intelligent. idol ko nga yan.
-VUNGGAng VUNGGA! just for the record, i love her! mwuah. lol

i wish for her

-GOOD HEALTH. alam kong healthy ka na, pero still naga wish pa rin ako kasi gusto kitang malayo sa sickness. cheesy! haha.. btaw ui, and sexy body na rin. hehe.. bonus na yan, sabay tau diet ha?
-MORE WEALTH. alam ko how much you appreciate earthly pleasures, lalo na sa food and ung wish mong SLR. d ko man maibigay un, i wish ko nlng na magkaroon ka ng maraming "dutch" para mabili yun. LOL
-STRONGER FAITH. d nman tlaga matatapos ang problems sa mundo, but when time comes you feel so alone na and feel so helpless, trust on him. he'll do all the fighting for you. i guarantee you things will be fine.
-MORE LIFE. i mean, yung thought ba na wla kang pagsisihan sa buhay mo. yung mga nagawa mo sa buhay mo. yun!
-WISDOM. life doesnt have its own skeleton, you as a person have to make it through decisions. and i hope every decision you make is wise enough for you to have no regrets.
-HAPPINESS. i know you wish for a complete family and experience happiness there,. but you dont have to look after that anymore, you already have a happy family here with your lola and lolo, with your papa, with us SP and with me.

waaa. tama na uii. 
i know, parang di au xa special.
pero para sa ako special na jud xa.
kaw pa kaya ako ghimuan ug tribute sama ani. LOL
btaw, alam mo nman ako. hindi maxado mahilig sa cheesy. haha.

dont worry, im still learing to become a very cheesy person someday. LOL

i love you so much mommie! happy birthday! ^_^


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