a perfect date with the perfect man

i dont really go on dates. :))
as a matter of fact, i haven't gone to a date yet (lol, im such a baby).

except for my date with my bestfriend, Raiza. she is the only person i go out to a restaurant or a fast food chain nearby to hang out, eat something and share stuffs we both enjoy. :))

but in this article, i would like to emphasize a "real date". the kind of stuff where a boy and a girl hangs out to know each other better. either they are friends that plans to make a level up (lol) , dating buddies, or even bf/gf related people.lol

as what i have said, i haven't gone to a date yet.
i dont know. maybe no one's interested. lol
maybe im too young.
or maybe, because my mom and dad doesn't allow me to. (ggaaaahhh!)
---> anyway, im still 16. i dont mind if i haven't gone to a date yet.

but come to think of it, sooner or later, i'll go out with somebody someday.
and thinking of it makes me chuckle a little.

(ohh, before i continue, Filipino's teenage dates aren't harmful. and im a good girl. lol)
------> if you know what i mean.lol

anyway, i am now foreseeing myself in my first date..hmmpp.
and i hope it could be a sweet memory..

and so, cheesy-ness got in to me, and decided to list down a wishlist of how my first date might occur and with whom might i go out with that first date thingy. :))

let's start with how:

i really think that a nice dinner, a stroll around a park , and a nice movie together is really sweet for a date.
but i think its best if i stick with something i want rather than what is ssooooo common in order to have the best first date ever..

dates should be a stage wherein two people would get to know each other in an intimate and more profound manner.

so, i came up with:
a date that is___perhaps _____:

*a long walk on the beach. --hmmmp, its really nice to get to know someone with the placid wind blowing at your face gusting your hair freely, and the sand tickling your feet and leaving footprints
along that seashore marking the end of being strangers.

*watching the city lights in a distant view.--i have done this with my family and my best friend, and i felt so happy. and i became more comfortable being with them. so i thought, a place like this would be perfect
to become more comfortable with someone especially when both are you are still sort of introverted with each other.

*riding bikes together somewhere, either in a park or anywhere-- i have always liked riding bikes. and everytime i ride bikes, i always remember my childhood wherein it doesn't matter who im with, as long as im having fun with him and my bike, nothing would matter. lol- so dramatic though, but that's really how i feel. so, if i would go out in a date like this, i bet we'd be like playmates and would enjoy the time together without noticing what is happenning around us. again, over dramatic..lol. but seriously, this would be more fun. and a more comfortable way of getting to know wach other. also, this would save all the cheesy-ness in dates. lol ^_^

i could go out with __:

hmmmpp..anybody. lol
yea, of course, i could go out with you. That is, if you are NICE!!! lol :))

but i think i would like to go out with someone who:

*likes babies as much as i do.--would be fun to be with. at least we have a common point of interest. :))

*knows how to cook.--a guy who knows how to cook is a total hottie. :))

*someone who finds letters, chocolates, flowers and the like NOT CHEESY. waaaaah. i love sweet people. hahaha

*wont bother to react and just giggle.--if i do something hilarious, stupid, clumsy..

*would say im cute even if i did those stupid things;

*would tell me how he feels and thinks about me with conviction. lol-- cheesy!! haha..

*knows how to act natural and not plastic.

*and most of all, someone who would ask permission to my parents if they would like to go out with me. even if i would tell him, not to. he just persists because he knows it is right and is the best thing to do to start a date.

im not saying that this how it should be, im just emphasizing that this is how i wish it could

as what i have said, this is a WISHLIST.

anyway, nobody or nothing appears/is perfect, though.
but try to get into my world, you'll see how imperfections creates such a perfect and nostalgic feeling.
its not about the world's standards, its all about happiness.

true happiness only comes once, kaya never waste every single laugh. you dont know when it'll be your last.

--LOL, what a far-fetched ending to my entry. LOL
i just feel like including and relating it to my post, though. ^_^

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