YESTERDAY---October 26, 2009 was my mom's 45th birthday..

it was a very busy day considering that there are soooooo many visitors.
gaaaah--i was so exhausted because i never did rest for a moment in entertaining visitors. you know, always making everyone feel comfortable, accompanied and the like. i kept on talking, talking, talking--well, jan naman talaga ako magaling. haha

anyways, MOM's bday made me realize how much i should treasure my mom. so many people loved her. and i should be her number 1 fan. i idolize my mom. she's pretty sociable. i dunno how she does it but she always manages to keep things on track! i salute you mom!

i proved that amidst mom's imperfections (being strict and all that), i still love her and can never hate her whatever harsh things she says to me when she reprimands me. waaaa

a couple of friends and neighbors serenade my mom early in the morning. gaaaahhh--pretty sweet and thoughtful of them,.  i wish people would do that to me on my bday too. waaaa.. also, some people went here at hoem just to deliver their gifts and greetings. they didn't even wait for the celebration in the evening to give their greetings and gifts../ they really made effort to give it ahead of the others. some friends of my mom bought her a cake, yadda yadda.... :DD

and of course, my dad gave her a gift. 'it was the LECHON BABOY!!! waaa.. that was my dad's blow out for her. if there are no other gifts that he gave that i dunno.waaa

and as a daughter, i gave mymom a scarf. i know how much he loves green so i bought a green one. i bought her a scarf because she travels alot and i want her to be always warm when travelling.


I LOVE MY MOM! ---gaaaaah! :))

i heart you mom!

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