REVIEW: Human Nature 100% Natural Smoothing HAIR SERUM

During the magalogue turnover (December issue) of Human Nature, I was given the Hair Serum. thank you!

A few months have passed already, and I believe that my experience with the product during those months would prove my credibility to provide a review about it. :)

Well, I'll just keep things simple for you, sweeties. :)

Things I love about it:

  • it's all natural.
  • it's not made of silicone, making your hair healthy and safe.
  • it's so potent that you only need a small amount of the serum to set your hair with.
  • cute packaging. :)
  • it's Pinoy made.
  • it makes hair smooth and shiny all day.. fits almost every type of hair (curly, straight, thick, thin, frizzy, etc.
The only thing I don't like about it is the smell. I don't know if it's just me but I don't like how the product smells. I wish they could add some alluring scent into it..
Anyways, other than the scent of the serum, I find the product fair and effective. I give it an 8/10 rating. kudos! :)

Now, would I recommend this product? Of course! It's one of the most effective hair serums I know. Plus, it's proudly Pinoy. :)



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