Hi. It's nice to see you, again. It's nice to be with you again. How long has it been? 6 months? A year? It seems we really lost touch of the things we used to do together. Ohhhh, the days. I still remember how bitter we parted. Or should I say, how bitter I was when we parted. LOL.

Looking back, I realized you never did anything wrong. I was the one to blame for getting my own heart broken. You were innocent.. You didn't act out; you just played a good friend. Right? You didn't know what was going on. You didn't know what was coming.

 I was the one stupid enough to think something was up. I was the one who always assumed that my thoughts will reach yours. I was the one who disregarded the evidences of your disinterest. I was the one who broke my own walls to reach out to you. I was the one who caught myself off-guard. I was the one who was holding you, always clinging on to you.. It was never two-way. It never was.

When i got hurt, we parted. No words, just space. I secretly took grudge,thinking you led me on then broke my heart. But then, now I know, I was the one at fault. You didn't know. AND, it's not your fault you didn't feel the way I do.

I CARED TOO MUCH. That was my mistake. I BELIEVED TOO MUCH IN LOVE STORIES and the type where everything will work out with hidden feelings and secret crushes. HAHA. I guess, reality sank in to me the hard way.

Anyways, now that our roads crossed paths again, I WILL NEVER LET THE SAME MISTAKE ruin us.

FROM NOW ON, I will make it up to you.
I will no longer see you the way I see fireworks in the sky.
I will never feel about you the way my stomach feels on an extreme ride at a theme park.
I will not let my hands hold you the way I hold an antique vase.

As promised, I will loosen the grip. Forget what I always keep.

You can count on me that from this day forward, we will always be friends. JUST FRIENDS, No more no less.

JUST FRIENDS, just the way everything had always been before we were put to the test.

"Sorry, minahal kita. Hayaan mo, di na mauulit."



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