Gelatomania brings Davao a true Italian 'gelato' Experience

I used to think that the term 'gelato' suggests 'ice cream'.. I even thought its just the Italian word for 'ice cream'. Now, I realized I was wrong.

I skipped googling the definition of gelato, and I didn't make an effort to look it over on the dictionary. I need not to. One taste of Gelatomania Davao proved gelato is different---- SPECIAL.

I love the thickness, creaminess and flavorful-ness of the gelato. It's proudly the genuine Italian gelato taste. One spoonful is like a misty dream of being in Italy for a few seconds.

Gelatomania Davao just opened last February 23, 2013. Italian Chef Francesco Pentaxiani and Chef Cesare Bresca invited us over to try out all their gelato. yummmmm.

I loved the Nutella gelato and the Pistachio... so tasty! ahhhhh-mazing. I loved it. ♥

I'm looking forward to returning to Gelatomania and to try again their delicious gelato. yummm!
Me, striking a quick pose over the Gelato counter. :)

Gelatomania is located at Door 3, Gahul Bldg., F. Torres St.; corner Tavera St. near Phoenix Gas Station.

Visit now, and try their awesome gelato!
nom nom nom



All photos above are courtesy of Gelatomania Davao's official Facebook page. Like them now, Gelatomania Davao.

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