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Kahit na ga'no pa kamahal at kaganda ng suot-suot mong sapatos, pag-uwi mo, TSINELAS pa rin ang hahanapin mo. --- a line from a text message I received long ago. The actual text message spoke figratively of love using the quote, but in this context I speak of it based on it's bear connotation.

True. A looooooong walk in heels can be very tiring, but the best remedy is always a pair of slippers. Not only do I wear slippers at home but also whenever I go for short walks or just a stroll, I wear slippers. I love wearing my slippers for two reasons: they are comfortable and effortlessly cute.

So, where did I get this cute pair of slippers? ----teneneng, Banana Peel.

Ever since I was in high school, Banana Peel has always been my favorite brand of slippers. They always have cool designs and comfy slippers at a very affordable price.

Check out this cool photos I took from our store visit. ;)

Banana Peel adjust their collections to trends and style preference of locals and foreigners of all ages. Be it in Animal style, Tatak-Pinoy, Bohemian, and many more ---- BANANA PEEL's collections will always suit you're taste. They have it!

All this style and comfort within the reach of your pocket and the comfort of your soles. :D

Banana Peel can be found at department stores of malls, etc.
They also have their branch at 2nd floor-Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Visit now and satisfy your soles! ;)

PS. more photos of our visit. ;)
They also sell sanitizers, bags, etc.

Our chosen slippers. I had the red one. ;)

L-R. Ate Sweet, Kevin, and I. ;)



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