Laughs, Surprises and Everything Nice On A Blissful Afternoon @ Chicco di Caffe

WARNING: long post alert!

We all have friends we don't always see very often. Friends we may not have seen or spoken with in months, years, decades (or centuries). Due to circumstances, group bonding and/or hang outs sometimes tend to be almost impossible to set. The next thing you know, connection between friends cut loose, misunderstandings are fathomless, and all the important things you've been through get forgotten. So before that tragic end comes to reality,we should all know well to relive the glory days of friendship at least once in a while.

In my case, most of my high school friends are often the people I failed to see over the years that passed by. Well, you can't really blame me nor my internet connection for being my best companion in lonely days. But, really, college has been an entirely different and consuming experience for me. Okay, college basically ate up the fun in my life.. Even so, I'm very happy being in college for letting me meet great new friends to whom I really had great moments with through ups and downs, hell and back. But still, there's always the "longing" to be with friends from the younger, best & stupidest years of my life highschool. Friends who have proven their worth through the test of time.

I know this is supposed to be a food post, but I'm so overwhelmed that I didn't notice my introduction is already lengthy. I'm so overwhelmed I also think I'm about to cry. Now it's all too personal for me. chos! Pero pasagdai lang gud ko, akoa bitaw ni'ng blog. hahahahaha!

More thoughts. The point is --- I missed my best friends, my high school friends and barkadas, my SP (St. Peter class) family and my HIGH SCHOOL as a whole. I think its unhealthy that we don't see each other very often. Although, I'm thankful to Facebook, Twitter and other SNS that we still get in touch somehow, I'm sad that the SNS postings are the only ways you get updated with their lives.

However, I'm a bit relieved because I got to meet again one of the great friends I had during those roller-coaster but awesome 4-years of my life, Luvley.

Last November 6, Luvley and I decided to meet each other over coffee at Chicco di Caffe, Roxas Blvd, Davao City. I was so eager to know more stories about her life now as a model (mind you, Luvley has become more beautiful over the years), beauty secrets and regimens. But what I was more eager to discuss with her was her blooming new love interest. (Luvley's fans, sorry. I will no longer go into the details of our discussion.)

During our chat, I felt more connected with her. I also felt honored not just because she is a wonderful friend, but also because she is such an honest and sincere friend for trusting me enough to listen to her share her pains and joys. I really had a great time with her. We've had laughs. We've broken surprises (somebody spilled shocking revelations, too. haha.. shhhh). And most of all, we felt good just being there. It felt infinite; it was epic!

Okay, so asa na ang about sa food diri? :)))))))))

I have to give credits to Chicco di Caffe for the awesome time I had with Luvley. If it wasn't for the comfy and quiet place, great refreshments and friendly services, I doubt we would have that same uninterrupted and spontaneous conversations.

eto na talaga ang about sa Chicco di Caffe.

 Chicco di Caffe has numerous branches all over Davao. But I find Chicco di Caffe- Roxas branch the most convenient place among the branches.The Roxas branch is the nearest Chicco di Caffe branch to my school (UIC) and Luvley's (AdDU). After all, the place is also spacious and peaceful. In addition, they have nice and polite employees.

Since we had this afternoon scheduled for a long talk, Luvley and I ordered refreshments alone. I had the famous Chicco di Caffe signature Coffee Halo-Halo while Luvley had the Coffee Jelly Frappe.

Coffee Halo-Halo. ♥
I love the Coffee Halo-Halo.. I like how they've made use of shaved iced coffee instead of the plain shaved ice. The coffee ice cream on the top of the halo-halo was also a great addition to it's plating and taste. All in all, the Coffee Halo-Halo is a two-thumbs up!

Coffee Jelly Frappe ♥

I asked my friend Luvley on her thoughts about the Coffee Jelly Frappe she ordered.
Her comment:
"Lami, kasing lami sa pagmamahal ni ***** .. haha" referring to someone special.
She added,
"Lami kay favorite nako siya. And mas ganahan ko ato kesa sa ubang coffee jelly sa laing coffee shop kay tama ang timpla. Dli siya pait man gud, ang uban kay pait, makasakit ug ulo."
Judging from her comment, I believe Luvley really liked her frappe and I think the frappe really suited her taste. She even claimed she preferred this Coffee Jelly Frappe over the ones she previously had from other coffee shops. hmmmm. Maybe I'll try this Coffee Jelly Frappe some other time, too. :)

Anyway, our 3 and half-hour date has come to its conclusion. So, after emptying out our goblet cups, we headed out the cafe wearing big smiles; satisfied souls, taste-buds and stomachs.

Stolen Shots of Ms. Luvley Mae Amoguis.

Until our next date.



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