My Love for My Melo. ♥

A lot of my friends know how much I love mango float, chocolates, heels, the color pink, make-up and all other things that glitters. But only my closest friends know my weakness and slight addiction to cute MY MELODY stuffs. I love My Melo. ♥

Let me introduce to you my baby, my really cute baby--- My Melo. ;)
My Melody, a Sanrio character. ♥
I have been longing to buy cute My Melody items, but My Melo items are hard to find and are usually a bit pricey.

When you check out stores who sell character-printed shirts or any other items, they only have the more famous ones. My Melo ones are usually unavailable; the only Sanrio character common to stores are Hello Kitty items. :((

Also, whenever I accidentally find one, they tend to cut a big percentage of my allowance. Huge, cute My Melo toys and items are a bit expensive. And it kind-of destroys my whole "practical" buying habit POV. :((((

It's frustrating. That's why, when I receive My Melo gifts, I usually overreact. :)

Like when my sisters bought me these cute my melo keychains/accessories. I got teary-eyed. Eh, naisip kaya nila ako habang naglalakwatsa sila. Nakaka-touch! They were strolling around the mall and saw these cute keychains which they immediately bought kasi alam nilang love na love ko yung mga ganun.
Ang sweet! ♥
date i received these gifts: 03/24/12
And like this unexpected gift I got from a dear friend who just got back from Manila. Naisip niya daw ako nung nakita niya to sa Star City. 'di ko inexpect na may pasalubong pala ako from her. Ang sweet ni Charmaine. Thanks, Cha. Magagamit ko to sa upcoming trip ko to somewhere cold. hmmmm. :D

Thank you, guys, for remembering. :)
I love you. ♥



PS. Sa mga may planong magbigay, idea na 'to sa ibibigay niyo sa akin ngayong papalapit na pasko. The first three (3) lines of this post will solve your dilemma already. hahahahahha! Thank you, ha! Merry Christmas!

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