Giveaway Winner | items from Trendsetters Fashion Boutique

Pre-Holiday Blog Giveaway Winner is....

I know you are all thrilled to know who won the Ellana brush and
mineral make-up items from Trendsetters Fashion Boutique.

Hence, I won't hold you much longer.
I will FINALLY announce the lucky winner of my first ever blog giveaway:

The winner is no other than...
Congratulations, Ms. Vanessa Mabini!

I'll email you real soon and
will also send you details when and how to claim your prize.

To everyone who joined, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Stay positive!
I believe this won't be my first and last giveaway,
so keep posted for more updates.
AND don't forget to visit Trendsetters Fashion Boutique's online shop:



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