Basic Personal Make-Up Workshop with Ryan Wong and Noeh Jani @ Yellow Hauz

I've been watching a lot of online make-up tutorials for quite some time now. It's been very helpful especially to me who's just beginning to discover the world of Womanhood, Fashion and Beauty... So I guess as a newbie to this whole new exciting world, I need all the help I can get.

It's a good thing the Davao Bloggers organized an exclusive Basic Personal Make-Up Workshop at Yellow Hauz cafe with the initiative of Ms. Ria Jose. Thanks, Ate Ri. What made this exclusive workshop better was knowing that our keen minds and attention will be in the hands of well-known and reliable make-up artists and veterans in the world of fashion and beauty, Sir Ryan Wong and Sir Noeh Jani.
credits to The Sunkissed Vixen for this photo.
I'd say, it was indeed a privilege to be one of the students of these excellent mentors. I honestly learned a lot about the basics in make-up, that's why I won't be able to share all of it to you in this post because sa totoo lang---kukulangin ang isang blogpost.
credits to The Sunkissed Vixen for this photo.
But since I can't bear being too selfish to my lovely readers, I'll spill a few tips I've learned.
  • Invest in GOOD QUALITY make-up brushes. This is basically the most important thing I've learned during the workshop.Trust me, one good brush goes a looooong long way than a dozen of mediocre ones.
  • Hygiene is important. Cleanse your face, and your make-up tools before and after using make-up. uhmmmm, duh?!
  • No sharing. I know we're all goody-goody when we have bonding and girly sessions with BFFs that we share everything in our vanity kit. But sometimes, we should limit our generosity. Are we really that giving that we would share even our bacteria? If di talaga maiwasan, you can use alternatives. Like using the disposable make-up tools na mabibili sa mga stores, or anything that won't bring direct contact. Dapat pa ring i-consider ang hygiene.
  • Know your tone. Look for the perfect foundation or concealer that best suits your skintone. Remember to stick to your own tone.
  • Ze brows. Never forget to make your brows look perfect, or almost perfect. Yes, you're brows can either make or break your whole look. So remember to trim, emphasize or do whatever that suits you and your brows.
There's really more. Yes, I want to share. Pero tinatamad na ako dahil mahaba na ang post ko pero hindi pa ako nangangalahati sa mga dapat kong i-kwento.

So, to make things easier for you guys. I'll share to you this exciting news. Sir Ryan and Sir Noeh will hold a part 2 of the Make-up Tutorial. Check this photo, and click the link below to direct you to their Facebook page for more details.

They're hands-on, friendly and they are experts. Hence, I guarantee you a great and worth-while learning experience. Trust me!


light eyes; light lips.
PS. photos of our sumptuous delicious lunch at YELLOW HAUZ. yummmmm!
i really love this.. i love the texture of the meat.. it's sinfully delicious! :))

i tried peach for a change; and i actually liked it! swear! :)

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