Pistahang Cebuana Pasasalamat Concert feat. Sarah G.

This is a long over due post. Sorry! I've been pretty busy. Hence, I haven't posted much updates on my blog lately.

Anyways, before I forget my awesome experience with Sarah G. (yes, Sarah G as in THE Sarah Geronimo) I decided to write this post now na as in now na even if I still have a lot of things that I need to worry about. haha.. k.

I feel the need to share (no. actually, brag) about the first concert that I attended and about me meeting Sarah in person. Did I forget to mention that we shook hands? Had a picture together? AND chatted a little? LOL. okaaay, we really didn't have a lengthy chat, and i really meant little as in really  really short. But she did thank me personally for coming to the presscon. She was like "Salamat po" and I was like o_O *speechless* !  2 words, and 'di ako nakasagot. I just smiled back at her. I was in grave awe. grabe, dili kaayo xa big deal sa ako, no?LOL 

CONFUSED? na overwhelm kasi ako masyado kaya di ko makwento ng maayos. sorry.
To clear things out, here's how the story starts...

Cebuana Lhuiller celebrated their silver anniversary with a series of concerts. They had their concert in Manila, Cebu and their last stop---DAVAO. Luckily, I was one of the few bloggers who were invited to attend the Pistahang Cebuana Pasasalamat Concert here in our very own city, Davao. They held the event at UM Matina Gym last October 5 at around 6pm.

The event showcased games and raffle promos for their valued clients. They were giving out very generous amounts of prizes in cash and in kind. But the highlight was the grand performance of Ms. Sarah G.

Mark Bautista, Erik Santos and G-force were there to give us an awesome night, too.

Sarah, Mark and Erik all sounded great. G-force were awesome dancers (and they have amazing bodies, too. lol )

BUT I especially admired Sarah for her all-out performance: singing and dancing. She did both singing and dancing perfectly, even if it was done simultaneously! There was also a part where she just danced, I even thought she danced as good as G-force. She truly is a concert queen and a popstar princess. Di ako popster ha, but I really admire Sarah. I admired her more after the whole event. She's sooo pretty, sincere and truly dedicated to her profession. Iba siya!

Here are a few photos from the concert:

L-R: Georg Kevin Paquet of Pinoy Teens, me, and Aldwin Capin of Wanderful Davao.
group photos after the concert, with the awesome Davao Bloggers :)
We are so lucky to have been given front-view seats which are not far from the stage. It was a great view back from our seats. ♥

In case you were wondering about the first photo above ( and how I actually met Sarah in person)...

We attended a Press Conference hosted by Cebuana Lhuiller the night before the concert wherein the company pointed out that Sarah G was the best image to represent Cebuana Lhuiller because of her "life story" and professionalism. The press con was held @ Royal Mandaya Hotel. Here are a few photos:

with DB friends @ the press con.. 

It was a great experience. Truly amazing! Star stunning. :)
Thank you Cebuana Lhuiller; and thank you Yannah and Sean of Havas PR Agatep!
Thank you also Nekko Siton for the photos.

Sa uulitin.



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