Blugre | Chocolate Torte and Durian & Cream

I have been so thrilled to share to you this food post. But since I was so busy last week because I had my final exams, I only have today to tell you my awesome time at Blugre Coffee.

Pardon me for the not-so-decent photos. I forgot to bring my camera that day. So, I utilized the only resource I had---my cellphone.

I, Kevin of, Rachel (Kevin's childhood friend), Yannah and Sean of Havas PR Agatep went out for coffee last October 5. (Sadly, we forgot to have a group photo.)

Since Yannah and Sean aren't from Davao, they wanted to try something new---something Davao-ish.. So, we opted to go to Blugre Coffee to try their famous Durian Coffee, and the like.

I was really craving for something sweet that day (as always, actually. haha) . Hence, I ordered Durian and Cream matched with Blugre's Chocolate Torte.

AND YES, Blugre never fails to satisfy my sweet tooth. The Chocolate Torte hit the right spot. Every bite is a sinful taste of heaven. Promissseeee! The Durian and Cream was a great complement to the Chocolate Torte, too. Although, I think the choco torte would better be complemented with a nice cup of coffee.

The Chocolate Torte is warm (yes, warm!), sweet and so soft that it literally melts in your mouth. I find the warm creamy milk sauce  a great addition to the plating and to the sweetness of the cake. It balanced the whole yummy dish. I'm so speechless that I find it hard to describe how great this cake truly is. I say, it's a must try dessert. You won't really understand what I'm babbling about if you won't try this piece of happiness. Let's just say, it's the best cake I have ever tasted. swear!
Chocolate Torte in warm creamy milk sauce! yummmmm. :)
The Durian and Cream tastes great, too. It tastes like durian (duh?!)..This is really the Davao-ish taste we were all looking for. It's a great refreshment. I love how they perfectly blended the durian and the cream. Just perfect! It's a must try for tourists and for locals here in Davao. :)
Durian and Cream. nom nom nom :)
From the Chocolate Cup i had before to the Durian and Cream and Chocolate Torte, Blugre is the ultimate stop for the famous and the best line of delicious pastries, desserts, coffee and yummy refreshments.

It was a great day. Thanks to the great food, great conversations and great new friends.

Sa uulitin! ♥



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