Max's 4Sharing Beef Selections launched in Davao

Photo courtesy of Ms. Abigail Albino :)
Last October 2, 2012, a number of Davao Bloggers were invited to the first ever Bloggers' Event hosted by Max's. I was lucky to be invited and to have experienced Max's savory meals. As part of the event, we were treated to Max's recently launched group meal bundle of delectable beef selections dubbed as "Max's 4Sharing".

Max's has been a Filipino favorite for years now; and Pinoys will surely be more fond of the place with this new addition they launched. The Max's 4Sharing introduces two new dishes to complement Max's sarap-to-the-bones Fried Chicken--- Max's Adobong Baka sa Gata and Max's Beef Caldereta. These classic heirloom dishes are to die for. With the same generous serving and value-for-money aspect, this new treat is the whole enchilada!

Talking about the delectable beef dishes...

Max's Adobong Baka sa Gata is my favorite. Its tender chucks of beef and sayote, cooked in a rich and mildly spiced coconut milk sauce with green finger chili just creates this fireworks of flavor in my mouth that satiating my taste buds.

Max's Beef Caldereta is also very delicious. Max's infused their own twist to the recipe to the traditional Filipino Beef Caldereta recipe. It's a hearty beef stew in thick tomato-based sauce, with just the right level of spiciness, garnished with tomatoes, carrots, red and green bell peppers and green peas.

At only PhP 899, you can indulge in a sumptuous spread of one whole, regular, sarap-to-the-bones Fried Chicken, four servings of rice, four glasses of iced tea, and a choice of Max's Adobong Baka sa Gata or Max's Beef Caldereta. What more could you ask for? *wink*

Back to the Bloggers' Event...

Anyways, the event was not only about the food.

We, bloggers, were also treated to a fun evening with a puzzle-game. I really enjoyed it, not just because our group won the puzzle-game, but also because everyone participated.

What made the night even better were the treats. Thanks, Max's !  ♥
I got a box of Caramel Bar; and I also got a gift certificate treat to Max's 4Sharing Meal. :)

It was a wonderful dinner @ Max's. Indeed, it's a great place for family and friends. :)

More photos during the event:

Heading home with a happy face. Kamsa Hamnida ! Arigatto Gozaimasu ! Thank You! Salamat! Lots'a love for Max's.. they deserve it. ♥

Know more about Max's and their coolest offerings, visit their branch at the 2nd floor of Abreeza Mall Davao or visit their Facebook Page or log in to their website . Have fun, and Bon Appetit! ;)



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