a taste of Hollywood in Davao | Hollywood Burgers, The Peak

I haven't been posting much updates lately. Sorry for that! Anyways, about a few weeks ago, my blog partner (Aldwin Capin of WanderfulDavao.com) and I had this short trip to Hollywood. YES, you got that right. Hollywood!

We dined like superstars.. check out these photos!

Oh, before I mislead you my lovely readers. I didn't really mean, Hollywood as in HOLLYWOOD. I meant Hollywood as in Hollywood Burgers @ The Peak, Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Hollywood Burgers is a really cool place to hang out. It's very hollywood-ish: the place, the food, and even the menu.

Check these out. ;)

the place.
the food.
the menu.

The store just opened last month, yet it's becoming more and more famous to locals and tourists.
It could probably be because of its awesome theme, and it could also be every thing about the store.

I really find the place comfy and great, and
I really had an amazing dining experience.

I hope you visited the place, or have been planning to visit.
I guarantee you a taste of Hollywood at our very own Davao..

Let me know what you think about it. And I hope you can invite me to dine with you, too. HAHA.
It would be an honor. just kidding! pero pwede mo ring totohanin. haha ;)

ciao. :*


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