The Vampire Diaries and its Season 3 Finale

I have been watching this famous vampire-love-story American TV show, VAMPIRE DIARIES, just recently. And yesterday, it aired its finale episode for its 3rd season.

I'm really no fan of Vampire Diaries when it started its first season way back in 2009.
It was just recently that i came to like this TV show when i was skipping from channel to channel and saw one of its season 3 episode in ETC. It was episode 18 that i was captured and thrilled by the scenes.

Although watching the episode caught me, i never really tried to watch it again due to my laziness to download movies; not until, my friend who's also my neighbor really convinced me to watch it. He put up a good word about the show and even gave me a complete copy of season 1 through 2. He also shared the first 4episodes of season 3. Hence, i watched the clips from season 1 and 2 and finished it in only a week.

The week after i caught up with the updated episodes of the season. this week, i anticipated for the finale episode. as i told you earlier, the finale episode was aired yesterday. it was, indeed, a prepared-for season finale with all the unexpected twists and heartbreaking events.

Farewell Alaric, Matt (maybe), Tyler (i think), Klaus (i guess) and adios human-Elena. Yea, i'm still twisted about who died and who did not die. it's confusing and at the same time exciting. it has so many twists and turns which makes me more curious and more excited for season 4.

Anyways, I would love to narrate the whole story but i guess it would break the whole essence of a TV show to be enjoyed by watching it in a TV / media box.

Hence, I would just like to share my favorite and most heartbreaking scene of this season's finale.

           Earlier, on a serious conversation with Matt, Elena explained how Stefan makes her feel alive, and makes her love life, how he was there during her hardest time; and she also explained how Damon consumes her.
           Moments after, Matt, in a conspiracy with Jeremy, drugged Elena and tried to get her out of town. Elena got furious, and got more upset when she learned that Klaus (which isn't really Klaus) was staked by the now-vampire-hunter Alaric. Now, Elena was left to choose either to let Matt drive her to where Damon is, or take her back to Mystic Falls to see Stefan.  It was time for Elena to finally decide who would she choose among the Salvatore brothers and who she cares more.

          In the end, Elena chose to be with Stefan. She also calls Damon and informs him that Matt's taking her back home to Mystic Falls. She told him that she loves Stefan, and that he came into his life in a time he needed him, and he fell for him instantly; and that no matter what she feels for Damon , she still loves Stefan and that she'll never be able un-fall for him. She continued and said she cares about Damon that's why she's letting him go.
         She also wished-fully said that maybe if she and Damon have met first, which they did but Damon compelled her to forget, it could have been different. Then, they both hanged up.       

FLASHBACK: the first time they met, just before she and her parents had the accident; AND the time Damon compelled her to forget their meeting.

E: so, Damon, tell me. what is it that i want?
D: you want a love that consumes you. you want passion, and adventure, and even a little danger.
E: so, what do you want?
D: i want you to get everything that you're looking for. but right now, i want you to forget that this happened ... etc. etc. etc.

               On the other hand, Alaric showed up to Damon and tried to kill him. When he was about to kill him, Alaric weakened and died. His life was tied with Elena's life. Thus, he died when Elena also died on a tragic car accident with Matt caused by Rebekah at the Wickery bridge. But Elena had vampire blood in her system when she died because Dr. Fell gave her that earlier to cure her concussion. Hence, ELENA became a vampire at the end of the season.
That's it-----the most heartbreaking and beautiful part of the season finale, for me.
I wonder how would Elena be when she fully becomes a vampire; and how would she react after she remembers all the compulsion done to her before by the most romantic and handsome, Damon. i'm a DeLena fan. ♥

Anyways, how about you? what do you think of the season ender? what's your most favorite part? i would love to hear from you; feel free to leave a comment. thank you. :)

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