dinner date with April and Karla @ SHAKEY'S.

It's about time that i have a date with TWO OF THE MOST AMAZING GIRLS I KNEW IN MY ENTIRE LIFE..

I haven't been out for a while now due to random issues. I kind of feel bad about it, though, considering it's SUMMER----a time to have fun, to gallivant, and to spend quality time with family and friends.

It's a good thing that I finally stepped out of my hiding spot and met up w/ these awesome ladies..

It has been forever since I've last met them. I've missed April for about a year now and Karla for more than 2 months. Hence, it was really a great relief to see them last May 9 (Wednesday) all good and beautiful.

We ate dinner at Shakey's Pizza Restaurant, Gov. Duterte St., Davao City (near GS Ilustre, fronting GRUB cafe)..

from left to right: Karla, me, and April ♥

what would be a dinner date without food---especially to food lovers like us? so, we ordered...

Shakey's basket of chicken 'n mojos

Shakey's Hi Protein Supreme Pizza

...and a pitcher of their sumptuous iced tea.

Above all, i loved their chicken the best. it's the best chicken i've ever tasted compared with other food counters i have been to. i even think that it tastes better than the chicken my family and i once had at Max's Restaurant----and that Max's chicken was really good, i just think this one's better.

The food is fulfilling to the stomach, but the best part of this whole dinner date is the conversation and the loooooong hours of chikahan.. we chatted for about 4hours---well, we've had a lot of catching up done. Then, we decided to continue the conversation elsewhere. But before heading out, we did some snapshots inside the famous ladies' photo booth ----the ladies' room. LOL

Afterwards, we headed out and enjoyed a little late night walk with a few "biruan" and "harutan"---just like we used to.

Sure, a lot of things have changed in each of us, but it's overwhelming to know we still have the same friendship and bond despite the distance and changes. we still have each other through ups and downs.

Indeed, TRUE FRIENDS ARE HARD TO FIND, HARDER TO LEAVE, AND IMPOSSIBLE TO FORGET--- coz i know, these girls----i won't forget. :)

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