COMPLETE & HAPPY | @ Rai Rai Ken w/ my family.

My family loves to go out for dinners and "laag"s.. But we really like to do these things, intact.

@ Antonio's Bar and Grill, SM Davao
@ Maxima Aquafun, Samal Island
@ Golden Eggs Hito-an, Tugbok, Davao City
the Hito-an district of Tugbok, Davao City
@ Tita D's Buffet, Anda St, Davao City
take out Pizza @ home.
@ Naga City.
somewhere in South Cebu during our round south trip.
@ Starbucks, Ayala Mall, Cebu
@ Sagbayan Peak, Bohol
.....and more, more, more, more laag's we've had. :)

it's because we're an OHANNA ---  and ohanna means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. (from Lilo and Stitch The Movie)

Since my sister was out of town for more than a week, we didn't really had that same energy at home because of the lack of the presence of my dear sister, Diane.

As you see, being complete is really a necessity for a happy home.
we've missed her so much, so last May 6 (Sunday) .. we went to the airport to fetch our dear sister, Diane.

before reaching the airport, we made stops at GS Ilustre and Abreeza Mall for a little gallivanting while killing the time.

It was around 6pm that we finally decided to head for the airport and anticipate the arrival of Diane whose flight was from Manila. She had her trip to Baguio with her Girl Scout Family for some activity there.

Even though, the rain poured heavily while waiting, we still waited with patience for my sister who arrived an hour and a half after we got there.. *phew*

Instead of going home straight, we decided to have a family dinner, first. we were already hungry and we can't wait for another hour before we could have dinner.. (our trip home would last for an hour due to the distance)..

So, we went to a restaurant @ Robinson's Cybergate, Davao.

@ Robinson's Cybegate's carpark with my sisters. ♥
We dined for some Japanese deli @ Rai Rai Ken, and had quality time together.

this one is my favorite.
i loved this seafood rice-something, too. yum.
the hot ramen was a remedy for the cold evening.
a stolen shot of my sister and i. LOL @ the faces. grrrrr,, MA! xD
my dad, my cousin and my mom. ♥
with my pretty sisters for a JAPAN-JAPAN pose. haha.. i call that peace-sign JAPAN2. xD
ang likod. *bow* my two adorable sisters heading for our car. :)
WELCOME HOME, DIANE. it's one heck of a quiet home to be at without you. i love you, sis. :*
ho ho ho. LOOOOOOOOL. inside the car. xD
ME. being vain. ♥
PS. i'm sorry for the vanity and for the love of myself.ho ho ho. but im still gonna post it, anyway. :D

Oh, my sister brought home a couple of stuffs, BUT i looooooved these best. STRAWBERRIES! :)

strawberry wine and jam, fresh from Baguio. thank you, sis. :)

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