mommy's day! :)

May 13, 2012

It was the so-called MOTHERS' DAY celebration.
I didn't really prepare much for my mom. it's because i don't have much money to throw her an extravagant celebration. Maybe someday, i could do that. when i finally graduate and get a good job, i'll make everyday of her life "Mothers' Day" and will treat her more than what she deserves..

Anyways, i still made the best out of what i have to make my mom feel special; although my mom always tells me that she doesn't need material gifts, i still feel uneasy for not having anything to give her on that day, except for my greeting, a kiss and a big warm hug. Also, i made much effort editing photos and notes to send to her facebook account and email address, just to show how proud i am of my mom. -because it's to cheesy and mushy to make cards. lol. and yes, i lack skills.:)

Later that morning, my family and i got into the car and drove down the road for an hour to go to my granny's place. She said that she wants to spend her Mothers' Day with her own mom, too. When we got there, i hugged my  grandma and greeted her with a kiss.

We had a few laughs and a little "salo2" with the rest of the family. it was a great day.

The next day, my sisters and i bought her a gift; it's a necklace and a pair of earrings. it's not much and not that expensive. But i guess, this will do for now 'til i can buy her real jewelries when i finally finish my studies and get a job. :)

jewelry set from TRENDS
located at 2nd flr Gaisano Ilustre.

One's thing for sure, we will always give her the greatest gift---LOVE; and she will always be our greatest and most priced possession. We love you, ma! ♥

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