1st sem grades (reposted)

For the past few days, i was pretty disturbed about how my grades would be for the first semester in college. Thoughts of negativity keeps on lingering in my mind every now and then for the whole sembreak. ugggghhh..can you tell how frustrating that is??
i kept on thinking, what if i get a low grade in accounting? that would be pretty embarrassing if that would appear in my transcript.
and what if my grades would be  lower than what is expected to maintain my full scholarship? then i would lose all confidence i have in my studies and that would really disappoint my mom.
--i have disappointed her before and i dont want to disappoint her AGAIN.

so there i was, left to agonize and constantly hope and pray for a miracle to happen. i was anxiously dreaming to have grades that would meet EVERYBODY's expectations.

And just this morning, i again proved God's goodness.
i found out the results for my performance in school.
my smile reached my ears. seriously! uh-huh!

click the image below, pls :

now you know why my smile reached both my ears. LOL

though i haven't seen the result for my LTS yet, i am already overjoyed by just seeing these results. im so proud of myself. its an intstant boost to my confidence.

now, the hard work really paid off. (uhmmmm- hardwork?? do i even know that word? LOL)
 and not to mention, my anxiety was relieved!!

and now im just too overwhelmed! waaaaaahhh..

well, this really means a lot to me. :))

now, i will be so proud to show my mom what i got.

"oh, look mom. i didn't fail you this time. im still waiting for my NSTP-LTS results, though. but seeing these grades, made me confident already. lol.. now my hopes of maintaining my full-scholarship boosted from 40% to 90%.ooh, cant wait to see my NSTP results."

---oh, i forgot to remind myself. i should not expect too much. what if i have a low grade in NSTP and end up losing my scholarship? that would be a big downfall. so, i better keep my feet on the ground and deflate my big head! LOL

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