1st yr college, 1st sem (reposted)

well, first semester is finally over and second sem is fast approaching.
it will be farewell to sembreak soon.

weee..i miss school, though.
Honestly, sembreak is killing me.. LOL.
how? why? one word, BOREDOM.

anyway, i was looking at my recent pictures.
it was taken last semester.

wheeeew, i did not expect that i would have so much fun in college.
 i was kind of expecting  to be always in the library, no time for fun, no gimmicks, less friends, and always study, study and study! weird, huh?
i used to think college would be boring and would be kinda always under pressure?!
especially in my part, considering that im a full-scholar of the university and i have to maintain a high grade in every subject.

to sum up, EXCELLENCE became my goal in every aspect which made it look really tedious. nyeee..

but when classes began, i met some cool people which made studying sort of fun and made Acctg1 a funny thought. (instead of  dealing with in a very stressful manner). LOL

accounting is really a pain in the ass!! haha.
but i have no choice, i chose to be an Accountancy student, i better accept it and deal with it.

so, i had some very close friends. LOL
 i have a small group of friends at school, too.
we call ourselves----> *tengteneneng* BagNa !!

              ERika? san ka na? ikaw lng ang kulang!
                        there are four of us.

our class, BSA-1D, is really something.
i dont know, its just fun to be with them.
although, there is this one guy who i cant get along with.
He's so irritating..almost all the people in the classroom hates him, too.
(im not alone. LOL)

so much for that, i really had a great 1st sem experience.
especially when i met this ENGINEERING HOTTIE. whatever. lol..

im hoping second sem would be great, too!
i mean, a lot better!

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