im really not the "fashionista-type" of person.but i do love great FASHION.

and this blog entry does not aim to discriminate people who are least fashionable.

so, i was surfing the net for the "whatever's" that i may get from entries, articles and stuff.
and i bumped in to this SITE.

haha.. it was so edifying and not to mention very much helpful! haha...

so it talks about the Top 13 fashion's NO-NO's.. :D

i hope it would be helpful if i just give brief statements for each.

1. wearing oversized clothings. there are two types of over-sized. the so-wrong---e.g. huge knee-reaching shirts, baggy pants, etc.-----  and the so-right---which is this year's hottest trends.
2. wearing red and green at the same time. its a big no-no in dresses and make-ups!
3. dirty shoes. you get the idea! who would wanna wear dirty and ugly shoes, aside from the fact that it also doesn't fit you clothes,..  :)
4. short skirt and short top. this so looks trashy if it goes together,.. sinong gustong mag mukhang malaswa? lol.
5. bulky shoes with feminine dress.. --wearing a dress also have mood swings.. bulky shoes are so not in to girly, floral dresses. BKA mag mukha ka pang katawa-tawa. be delicate when the dress is delicate, (i mean, the foot wears---sandals, etc...)
6. too much jewelry. ---YOU wanna look like a pawnshop? haha...hala, go!
7. wearing fashion that doesn't suit you..-- fashion clothing fits perfectly on models. but since most of us aren't models, we should choose only styles that matches us. like, kung so-in yung miniskirt tapos, puro polka dots yung legs mo, wag ka na lng mag try sa uso. its not so bad if you skip latest trends naman, di'ba?
8. more than one pattern. dont crowd your clothes with patterns. keep it simple and sweet! =]
9. tights are not for everyone. not all fashion trends works for everyone. so, if you dont have shapely legs, pls stay away from tights, :))
10. panty lines.
Need I say more? If you’re going to wear thin, clingy, or even white pants, be aware of it and don’t walk out with embarrassing panty lines, but opt for a thong.
11. an orange tan. summer is over, though. so, this would be less useful since we are all clinging to whitening products now,. but i will still include this, uhmmm.. if your planning for a self tan, pls do not purchase cheap-self tanners that will only make you look orange. look for something that looks natural.
12. sneakers with everything.
Sure, we all want to be comfortable in our shoes, but it’s not vise to always wear sneakers with everything from skirts, to jeans, to capris.
13. dont indulge. That means don’t over do sparkles, sequins, or any festive looking articles of clothing. you wouldn't wanna look like a christmas tree or something. hahaha..

----SO, that's it. if you dont want to have fashion dilemma and disasters, take this entry as and advice..

ohh, and i would love to receive comments from kikays, fashionistas, and the like.
but i also would appreciate comments from different kinds of people.


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