No more #HardToGets with SMART BRO 888

I and a few of my friends were talking about a list of our #HardToGets.

So what circumstances could qualify as a 'hard-to-get' thing?
Well, 'yung nililigawan mong matagal mo nang kalandian na hanggang ngayon di ka pa rin sinasagot, is one. 'Yung promotion na 10 years mo nang pinaghihirapan, that could count, too. Or even, 'yung hindi ka maka-connect sa WIFI ng kapitbahay dahil ayaw i-share sayo ang password, kasali yan. SO HARD TO GET 'diba?
The list could go on. Really!

Buti na lang, we can scratch off that last one from the list. A decent wifi connection need not be a 'hard-to-get' thing anymore.

Why? Because SMART BRO recently launched the best 4G Pocket Wifi offer.
Priced at     ONLY P888,     everyone can purchase a 4G Pocket wifi because it is within everybody's reach.

Not only that. Upon purchase, the pocket wifi is pre-loaded with 150MB for all day surfing valid for 30 days.

With a 4G Pocket Wifi so compact and easy to bring, you can now accomplish online activities and share connection with friends anytime, anywhere.

What's also good about this pocket wifi is that it has a speed of 12Mbps and connects up to 10 devices. Super fast, di ba? AND it's one really created for sharing.
If you don't want to, you can just use your tablet, smartphone, laptop and other more gadgets all at the same time.

But, I really suggest you share. You get good karma by sharing, you know.
Like, you can share it to your nililigawan or your boss. Malay mo, pati si nililigawan at ang promotion, hindi na hard to get.

If you plan to get the #SmartBro888 4G Pocket Wifi, I suggest you buy it now. The P888 promo is for a limited time only. The offer will end on JUNE 30, 2016. But fret not, you can actually reserve/buy it directly from the SMART ONLINE STORE. Just visit, .

And if you have already availed of the offer, I suggest you pair it with SurfMax85- It's the perfect tandem. You can surf all day using the 4G pocket wifi upto 800MB/day, valid for 2days.

It's SMART BRO's hottest deal yet!

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If you've had enough of that, come back to this page and leave some love and comments below.
Let me know if you have already grabbed the offer so we can talk about stuffs that ARE now easy-to-get! *wink* 


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