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My summer vacation this year came out late. Law school was surprisingly busy and had absolutely no regard for holidays nor vacations. Hence, when I finally had my summer break, I was itching to try on new things and/or maybe try eating at new restos here in my hometown.

Luckily, a new resto opened here in Davao.

Perch Modern Kitchen + Bar just opened last April 18, 2015. They are located at the second floor of the newly opened Felcris Centrale mall.

Their rates may not be that affordable for the ordinary Juan but you may find it reasonably fair once you try out the food.


We were able to try all the food they had in the menu, which is really A LOT OF FOOD. So I guess if I had to write every single dish with detail, I might get hungry, leave and, well, let this post keep you hanging.. That would be tragic. lol.  So I decided to just choose among the best ones. Although I liked everything in the menu, I had a few top picks. (I apologize for the not-so-decent photos.)

For the starters, my favorite is the Panko Crusted Oyster Sisig. I also liked the El Diablo Fries, the Spicy Fingers and the Bacon Chips. Between the salted and candied bacon chips, I liked the latter better.

Panko Crusted Oyster Sisig

Candied Bacon Chips

For the Pizza section, my favorite is the Kaldereta Pizza. I also liked the Keema & Arugula Pizza.
Kaldereta Pizza
The following are also my favorites. Some I already forgot the name. :)

Grilled Salmon & Cheese Risotto

No, this is not a dessert. hehe. This is the Choriburger. :)

I forgot but I think this was the Whiskey Barbeque Chops.

Angus Basic Meatball Pasta

Osso Buco

Smoked Bacon Carbonara

Perch Rising Sun Angus Burger Steak

Angus Cheeseburger Pao

Stuffed Chicken Leg Quarter.
I know this looks funny but its actually really yummy. ;)

I really want to share to you more about the food at Perch, but I guess reading this is not as good as trying out the real thing. So I'm going to stop now and let you drool over the food, then I'll let you decide if you want to leave now, get a cab and dine at Perch.

Good thing Perch closes at 2am so you can still catch up on the last order, if you're reading this late at night. You might also want to match your meal with a few bottle of beers and enjoy it with a couple of your friends.

And if you have to ask, would I recommend Perch? Yes. I've said enough to let you all know I enjoyed the dishes. #foodgasm #foodporn

I hope you enjoyed reading my post, and I hope it was helpful.
Let me know what you think and don't hesitate to share how was your Perch experience.

'Coz mine was amazing! :)

Perch Facebook Page:

~Angel :)

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