"THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK means...." says the Thinkers and Clickers

It's a small world after all. --- A line from a famous children's song which I never really agreed to; not until, I came across social networking sites.

I feel really fortunate to belong to today's generation where talking to people at the other end of the world is easier done, and meeting new friends of different races and faces is no longer that difficult.

Unlike yesteryears where socializing tends to be limited, today's years are different.
Welcome to the era where "high-tech boxes" are portals to different worlds, and being famous starts with just a single click.

One of the many tools that made this era possible was the development of Social Media. News now can travel as fast as the speed of light, and building a reputation is as easy as taking it down. Sure, Social Media has it's ups, but just like everything in this world has exact and equal opposites, it also has its downs.

The downsides includes cyber crimes, and other mischievous things which are done by people who unintentionally or intentionally might have taken advantage of  Social Media. This is where RESPONSIBILITY AND ETHICS comes in.

Just recently, a campaign for the responsible use of social media was promoted by one of the top TV networks in the country --- GMA. The campaign statement "THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK" encourages the initiative of netizens to become more cautious on what to post online and to promote peaceful networking.

A couple of netizens have a lot to say about this campaign. Curious on what the Thinkers and Clickers group think about the campaign? Click the video below. ♥

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