TOMS Tuesday

Last August 2, I attended a bloggers' event @ Go Nuts Donuts, Abreeza. click link to know more. DONUT TALK: Bloggers' Event.

As mentioned on the previous post (linked above), I won a pair of Toms shoes from the tweet raffle of the said event. AND just last Thursday, I was informed that I can claim it at Nothing But H20, 2nd floor Abreeza Mall on Monday (Aug.13).

...and voila, I did. I now have my very own pair of TOMS shoes FOR FREE. yey me! Thank you TOMS, and Go Nuts Donuts. :)

I'm no fashion blogger ( not yet. -haha. Btw, i'm planning to; but im just not ready yet. LOL)
But anyways, I have to make this "outfit post" to fulfill the promise I made to myself that i'll make a blog about the shoes the first time I wear it.
AND here it goes... 

Since I'm going out to run errands for my mom and to gallivant with my friend, I opted to have a fresh-sporty look. I sensed a lot of walking today, and indeed, IT WAS A-LOOOOOT-OF-WALKING TUESDAY. :)

It's a good thing this shoes are very comfortable. They are really comfy, light, cute and stylish.

Very suitable for active teens like me.

OHHHH, before i forget, TODAY is TOMS TUESDAY.
It's the day of the week when they invite everyone to wear TOMS wherever they go. Tweet them your pics at @TOMSphilippines , and be a part of this week's TOMS Tuesday.

I just tweeted this look. You should tweet yours, too.

ALSO, visit TOMS Philippines on Facebook. They have amazing items in store for you.
They are also inviting you to shop with them at your own convenience by placing your orders online.

Visit now, and let me know what you think.
Also, you can share with me your awesome TOMS Tuesday look or any TOMS-day look.
I'd like to know your stories. ♥

'til the next post. ciao! ;)


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