Pacman's victory despite his loss to Bradley.

today is indeed a memorable day especially for Manny Pacquaio's fans. :'(

6.10.12 ---the day Bradley and Manny fights for the belt.

Unfortunately, Bradley won by split decision.. I don't know why. We are all dismayed. We Pinoys have so much belief that Manny will win.

i watched the fight with my family on tv via pay-per-view. it was a great match. Bradley was as hard as stone but could not hit Manny easily. Manny, on the other hand, found it hard to knockout Bradley but still managed to hit as many as he could. it was a thrilling fight.

i'm no boxing expert; and im not even a boxing fan. but i do believe Manny won the match. he performed better than Bradley. even the audience at the arena, booed to Bradley's success. ---hey, it's my opinion, okay?
But if the decision has been already made, we all know better to accept it. so, i accept it even if it's hard.

A true winner never finds it a struggle to accept his loss! Hence, let us humbly accept that our dear champion, Manny Pacquiao, lost this battle.. yes, he lost this battle by title; but he will always have won the hearts of the Filipinos and his fans worldwide.

You have proven it to all the viewers, Manny. You indeed are a great boxing ring warrior.

To us, Manny will always be the world's #1 boxing champion. :))

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