a date with Sen. Chiz Escudero | Caffe Firenzo, Damosa

Ever since i joined Davao Bloggers on Facebook, i never really experienced joining events and exposures; not until, YESTERDAY.

Yesterday, June 23, 2012, Sen. Francis Joseph Guevara Escudero or popularly known as Sen. Chiz Escudero had a press conference held at Caffe Firenzo, Damosa, Davao City.

It is my first event as a Davao blogger and I am really honored to have met the Senator personally, all thanks to Davao Bloggers organization. I am really grateful to the organization for allowing me, a newbie, join this very important event and for showing me hospitality. My companions yesterday, somehow inspired me to blog more and strive harder to be capable of achieving more through blogging and socializing. Thanks to my new inspirations.
2 more bloggers aren't in the picture. i forgot to take a photo of them before we left. :'(

Anyways, during the presscon yesterday, the bloggers were separated from the press/media people. We had a different room and a different set of presscon with the senator. In his presscon with us, we had the opportunity to meet the other side of Sen. Chiz --- not as a politician, but as a person, a friend, a family, and a Filipino.

I find Sen. Chiz funny and very light to be with. I guess, as a politician, you have to be a people-person; but with Sen. Chiz, it all seems so innate, even his sense of humor flows naturally.

Random questions were asked like (1) their rumored-dating-relationship with Ms. Heart Evangelista ---which Sen. Chiz clearly answered that they were just having a meeting, and that they are not dating. As i interpreted, he jokingly said na kung sa mga mata nating mga mas nakababata, yun ay isang date. pero sa mga mata nilang mas nakakatanda, yun ay isang meeting. (2) his plans for the 2013 election---he said he has no plans to run for presidency this 2013. he only wants a re-election. (3) his most played game app ---- tong-its extreme. (4) his cooking hobby --- he said he cooks Filipino dishes like adobo, tinola, Spanish paella, etc. (5) his type of music ---80s, pop, blues. He even made us listen to one of his favorite music (which i can't remember the title, because it was not that familiar to me. awwwe T_T ). (6) his hobby--- restoring old cars via ebay. (7) his wardrobe preference --- Zara, Bench, (i forgot the other one).. (8) something he wants the country to improve or focus on --- Agriculture, (9) annulment or divorce --- he said the Philippines is not yet ready for Divorce. Annulment would be enough, for now. Isa pa, he doesn't want the government to start another fury with the Church, and many more questions asked which i can no longer remember.

Pictures with the senator:

My paparazzi photos of the Senator:

All in all, i had a wonderful experience with the Senator and with the other bloggers. As an incoming first time voter, this experience is really vital for my first-time-voting-experience in 2013 for i have learned so much from the senator. THANK YOU, SIR! GOD BLESS YOU.

By the way, we had a sumptuous meal at Caffe Firenzo. Unfortunately, i was able to take only one photo (na-star struck eh.. aisssh.).

i didn't even get to take a photo of the pizza---it was a great pizza pa naman.. :((
Oh well.
And yea, i have to share this--- i loved their strawberry smoothie; it's a must try. ♥
I will definitely visit this place again. :)

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