eTour: Trip to Cebu- Day 1

Note: Late blog post. Lengthy, too. :)

The Sinulog Festival 2013 updates are getting annoying. haha.. It makes me want to book a flight to one of my favorite cities in the country ---- CEBU.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck here in Davao with assignments, paper works and more school works. Aaaaah, the life of a student!

Since I can't do much about it, I'll just remind myself all the good things I experienced during my most recent trip to Cebu. That way, I could feel like I'm in Cebu and I could celebrate Sinulog like I'm actually there. LOL. Well, reminiscing everything about Cebu has driven me to write this very late travel post that I should have written months ago.

Since this is very late, I can no longer go on to the details, but I'll try as hard as I can to share to you that very awesome experience, through the photos we had.

I can still remember like it was yesterday; August 29 on a light-rainy morning, my college friends and I checked-in, boarded the AirPhil aircraft and left for Cebu with eyes filled with excitement for our long-awaited educational tour. Thanks to Sky Horizon for all the arrangements. kudos! ;)
tickets! ♥
readyyyyyyy! :))
with classmates and Kuya Jude, our tour guide from Sky Horizon Tours and Events.
inside the plane...
my seatmates.
I bought a miniature plane that they were selling on board.
That explains the paper bag. Just thought you'd like to know. :)
classmates. ♥
We arrived at Cebu around 11am-12nn. We were so hungry that time. Good thing, the travel agency set us up with a yummy buffet lunch at Tong's Seafood Restaurant.

After that delicious and fulfilling seafood lunch, we headed to the the first historical site--- the popular Mactan Shrine.
gift shopping. :)
Alegre Guitars. ♥


Then, dinner came. We dined at Bigby's Restaurant at the Ayala Mall.
Baby Back Ribs, i think. idk. i can't remember na. :)

After dinner, we checked in at the hotel Cebu Grand Hotel.
with my room mate, Charmaine :)
another roommate, Allen. :)
...visited other rooms to tambay with our other classmates.

YES, we had a happy sleep.

 At least for some of us.. haha.. Some were also very excited for Day 2 of our etour, kaya yun sila di nakatulog ng mahaba-haba..

I know, I know, I would very much want me
to continue with Day 2 and the rest of our days there..
Yea, I know. I owe it..especially that this is a very delayed post.

But, as a tease as I already am raaaaawr,
I want you to visit me over and over again. hahaha.

So, my lovely and handsome readers,
KEEP POSTED for Day 2 of our Cebu trip
and reminisce with me the great awesome days at the Sugbu! :)



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