Sunny Day. Make a fresh start!

My sister and a few of my friends wanted me to engage into Fashion Blogging. At first, I hesitated  because of so many factors; and that includes the critics and opinions of veterans in the world of fashion. But after a long hard thinking and reasoning, I finally decided to add a Fashion column on this blog.

Why not? I'm not a bad dresser myself and I believe I do have great taste when it comes to clothing and accessories, too. So, to hell with the ifs and buts, I MUST FOLLOW WHAT I WANT TO DO.

Fashion Blogging is about FREEDOM and UNIQUENESS. There's no limit to fashion.
So, to officially start my fashion blog. I had my little sister pose for photos wearing the outfit I wanted her to wear. YES, stylist muna ako dito.

Honestly, I was so impressed by how my sister cooperated and projected while I was capturing her photos. She's a natural; and I'm not saying this because she's my sister and I love her. But really, I think she's got some talent in modelling that I'd like to develop in her. She's only 14, but sooner or later, I'd get her to audition to modelling agencies and stuff. hahaha. stage-sister! :D

Anyway, about the inspiration of this outfit, I chose this because that time I took these photos, the sun was so bright and happy. AND right now, I also feel bright and happy for starting out a new and exciting adventure in the world of fashion and blogging. So, THIS OUTFIT would be perfect for my breakthrough in Fashion Blogging. I hope you guys would support me as I venture into this new phase of blogging; and pls, continue to visit my blog. :))

sun hat - SM Department Store
sunnies - Pacific Blue
dress & belt - Trendy
flats - Penshoppe
stilleto - Jenny's

I hope you liked it!
We still have a long way to go through, so 'til the next post!

credits to Jon Lois Demetrio for editing these photos and to my sister Angel Marie Deiparine of & for being my living doll.



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