Boots and Blues

I was running late on my schedule to attend a Blogger's Event at Java Jive (Davao) last Sunday (the 18th). see link to Java Jive post. click here. So, I opted to look into my closet simple and easy-to-wear pieces that will look good on me.

Since I was only going out for coffee, I decided to wear a comfortable casual look.

For me, shorts have always been the piece of clothing that ranked number 1 when it comes to providing comfort. Aside from being comfortable, shorts are also easy to pair up with almost anything--- from tops to shoes.
I decided to wear blue because its an eye-catcher.It was also the first pair of shorts I saw on the closet. Hence, choosing the blue shorts was the best option for me.

So that I won't appear to ragged or too overwhelmingly casual, I paired up my blue shorts with a creamy white peep-toe ankle boots and 3/4 fold violet-and-white striped polo shirt to achieve that plain but edgy, stylish look.

I also added a couple of accessories to complete my look.

What I loved most about this look is that it also gives an illusion of longer legs. yeeeey!
Photo courtesy of Mommy Crislyn Nierva.
L-R: Kevin, me, Mommy Cris, and Jonas.
taken @ Abreeza Ayala Mall after the bloggers event at Java Jive.

What I wore:
top & shorts --- Crissa
ring --- Robinson's Accessories
long necklace --- bday gift from Racel
bag --- Mom's vintage
ankle boots --- thrifted

Helpful tips:
I read once in an article and learned this one safe rule to stick to when wearing boots:
the shorter the shorts are, the lower the heels should be.
This does not mean this rule always follow, though.

Oh well, there goes my latest outfit post.
What do you think? Any tips?
Comment now. ;)



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