before you try to change others...

i so agree with this quote..

no person really has the right to judge someone, and say they have to change for the better.
it's not like they are perfect that they don't have anything to change for their-selves, too. Hence, they can tell off others----NOOOOO, it's not that way!

Just because people don't point out your fall backs, doesn't mean you're perfectly acceptable.

Sometimes, people just choose not to point out you're WRONG because they know they don't have "the right" and most of all, THEY RESPECT YOU as a person.

I guess we should really remind 
ourselves that "NOBODY'S PERFECT";
and even if we think we are, it doesn't
give us the permission to throw stones at others.

John 8:7 "Let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone."

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